Jupiter Aluminum

An aluminum company logo with a metal effect on a blue background.
A client's logo on a blue background and an aluminum structure on the right side.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
A desktop UI screen design on a laptop display.

Brand Identity

Since 1992, Jupiter Aluminum Corporation, an aluminum mill, has transformed recycled aluminum into reusable and finished coils, utilized for construction, agriculture, and more. To align their innovative processes with their brand identity, the team was looking to modernize their company logo and brand guidelines. They turned to ArtVersion to create a brand-new custom logo that captured their legacy with a contemporary take.

A brand guidelines layout for an aluminum company.

Logo Design

Ready to modernize, the company sought ArtVersion's expertise to create a logo that would be both contemporary and scalable across its visual and marketing platforms. ArtVersion's design team shifted the focus towards the company's name, emphasizing symmetry and balance to maintain visual interest. The new design featured a stacked arrangement of the name, with the letter "I'" aligned to convey precision and a clean-cut aesthetic.

ArtVersion customized the typography to include a perforated effect and rounded edges, reminiscent of aluminum coils. Additionally, a variant of the logo incorporated a crescent cut graphic, serving as both a nod to the previous logo and a symbolic connection to the planet Jupiter. 

An aluminum company logo construction.
An aluminum company logo construction on blue background.
A brand manual for an aluminum company.
A close up corner of a brand guidelines page showing imagery implementation instructions.
Cloe up iphone screen with Apple app icons displayed.
A warehouse banner featuring the client's logo.
A client's logo on a blue business card on top of a metal structure.
Poppins thin font letter "A".
The letter "A" in Poppins light.
A bold version of the Poppins font.
A very bold version of the Poppins font.


For the brand guidelines, the choice of typography was Poppins, appreciated for its clarity and legibility. In the logo design phase, while starting with Poppins, ArtVersion ventured into customization of this sans-serif font, infusing it with sharp cuts and rounded elements. This creative exploration resulted in a logo typeface that stands out as both unique and contemporary.

Color Palette

The color story behind the logo redesign included the core colors from their established brand legacy. However, to introduce depth and differentiation, light grey and black were incorporated to add dimension to the overall look. With additional colors to elevate the existing blue, the logo and brand guidelines became much more dynamic.

Light Grey
An aluminum company signage on the street.