UI/UX design for a manufacturing company.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
UI/UX design
Graphic design
Marketing collateral
Multiple Tablet Devices with Icon Design for Machine UI Screen.
An iconography UI design screen.
UIUX screen control machine.

Custom User Interface Design

With an updated design of Kitamura's machinery iconography in place, a user experience was next in line that would future-proof their Tool Offset Screen design. 

ArtVersion set to work on a Ul/UX strategy and design that paid specific attention to the information architecture that created optimized user pathways and journeys throughout the control panel interface. The team had first-hand experience interacting with the machinery at Kitamura's locations for an in-depth research session to ensure accuracy.

UI Screens

Technical UI Symbols
Icons on Dark UI Control Screen.
Machine Icons on a Dark UI Screen.
Icons on a Dark UI Machine Screen.
Custom Icons on a Dark UI Machine Screen.
Graphic Icons on Dark UI Screen.
Custom Iconography on UI Dark Machine Screen.
Person Touching Control Machine Buttons.

Machinery Signage

Machinery signage labels.
Machinery signage label construction.
MYCENTER 4XV machine logo design on wall.