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  • Accessibility

The Challege

Future-forward thinking never rests to catch its breath, so when Caterpillar—an industry leading manufacturer of construction equipment—posed ArtVersion with the task of redesigning their UI screens for machinery dashboard interfaces, the team excited embarked on an innovative trajectory. The team knew the design needed to possess a sleek design that reconceptualized the analog on-dash interfaces with a digital remodel, that would intersect intuitive functionality with a design as cutting-edge as Caterpillar’s legacy.

ui ux screen design
round gauges ui screen
ui screen visuals 1
ui screen visual graphics
layered ui screens and menu
ui ux screen three visuals-1
ui screen yellow 4
ui screen yellow 5
ui screen yellow 6
ui screens sub menu
ui screens open menu
heavy machinery 1

Hands-On Strategy and Collaborative Efforts

For an emphasis on quality to truly be prominent, collaboration was an important tool that was utilized throughout the project’s development. ArtVersion closely collaborated with Caterpillar’s UI sector with hands-on strategizing in their facility. Collaboration allowed the ArtVersion team to find a pulse on new design ideas and develop diverse iterations of UI screens from an outside and visionary perspective. The interactive design approach clearly communicated the capabilities of the model that ensured ease of navigation for the user.

ui ux design screen
ui screen design
two ui screens
ui design screen
ui screen design1

Design Systems

three gauges ui visuals
ui screen and side menu
ui graphic visuals and icons
gauge and menu screens
font and type
brand system colors
Caterpillar Ghost Wireframes navy fade

Custom Iconography

custom ui machine icons
custom ui icononography
heavy machinery and gauges

Expressive Design

ArtVersion’s team of designers crafted a collection of interface screen designs with diverse iterations for a more simplified, classic version and others that utilized dynamic colors and multiple perspectives. Each screen ideation allowed for an innovative in-vehicle experience with a focus on usability that redefined the expectations of rich functionality in design systems.