Traditionally, hotel meeting spaces have been utilized for corporate business meetings with little to no regard to the décor or amenities provided during a meeting. The internal innovation team at Hilton collaborated with ArtVersion to visually and contextually tell the story of the future of meeting spaces in an appealing and captivating way.

corporate brochure design

The Solution

A complete analysis and internal interviews were executed with the Hilton team to strategize the creation and design of the marketing collateral. ArtVersion positioned the information and research about the future of character rooms in a white paper format that was designed to display the information engagingly.

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Visual & Contextual Storytelling

Through data-driven and purposeful design, ArtVersion curated specific color stories, typography selection, and graphic design elements that guided the user journeys throughout the white paper to convey the research in a creative and informational format.

print collateral spread6

Positioning A Legacy Brand

The mission of the white paper was to engage with the Hilton employees to innovate current meeting spaces to connect with the new generations entering the workforce. Millennials and Gen Z have a completely different way of utilizing meeting spaces compared to the generation before, and the Hilton team wanted to tell that story in a way that would differentiate the legacy brand in the marketplace.

ArtVersion curated statistics that both visually and contextually represent the future of meeting spaces and were developed for both print and digital distributions to educate the user about the innovation of meeting spaces.