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Are infographics the missing piece to your marketing puzzle? Infographics have exploded in popularity. With the release of spam-fighting search engines’ algorithms, more and more businesses are focusing on developing strong content marketing campaigns to generate links. Content is not just textual but includes all the complementing graphics. When we design infographics the content is more graphically represented, making it easier for an audience to engage with. Designed infographics often fit nicely in these campaigns.

Understanding Infographics

A good infographic offers value to readers in two ways. The first is that they are very visual and present text in a different way than just a plain article. A detailed infographic with a well-selected color scheme and associated images can take relatively mundane information and make it interesting. When designing infographics, it’s important to outline a storyboard first which will help you plan your message right from the beginning. We typically stay very involved in the ideation process as well as the design, illustration and execution stages. The second added-value for readers is that many content creators choose to make their work easy to share. By providing an embed code on the page where the infographic is originally published, users can paste it on their own sites, share it on social media, and more importantly, use it to connect with their own audiences. Our infographic design process doesn’t stop when we complete illustrations, we actually help you with your infographic placement and initial launch.

The Appeal For Content Creators

If a company presents products or services with care and attention to detail, they build authority in their target market. Infographics that are designed properly show that attention to detail and elevates the whole brand in the eyes of the audience by putting the accent on a particular product or service. Brands who are seen as having the most authority almost always have the trust of their target customers. This is especially true online. By publishing detailed, visually stimulating, and factually correct infographic content, businesses get exposure and can build authority, get more links from other websites, and gain new leads and customers. There is almost no downside to creating high-quality infographics as part of a content marketing campaign, while there are a number of considerable upsides.

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Infographics in a Marketing Campaign

A good infographic can be about almost anything related to the niche. An infographic can work well to describe anything from soup to nuts. In particular, businesses may want to create an infographic about boring but important subject matters as a way to add a little excitement. Answering important questions in infographic form can also work well. It is important to remember that detailed does not need to mean long and drawn out. Include the reason for the infographic, then try to provide the main content in a small number of points. Ideally this would be under five, but more points are occasionally needed.

While Just A Tool, Infographics Are Powerful

If used well, and not abused, including the occasional infographic in a marketing campaign can be a very powerful tool. Getting links, more brand exposure, building authority and making more money certainly seem like great reasons to include them in a marketing campaign. If you’re looking for great infographics design and searching for the design team that can help you in the process, you can rely on ArtVersion. We have the expertise and experience to create stunning infographics that represent your brand.

Infographic Design

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Infographic Design