An infographic visual displayed on a tablet for a timber and sustainable forestry manufacturing company.

Project Disciplines

Brand Strategy
Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral
UI Design

Visual Design Innovation

Weyerhaeuser, an American timberland company, came to ArtVersion with graphic design initiatives. The team needed a set of innovative graphic designs that would supplement a set of infographics for both internal and external communications. The infographic designs were utilized for print and digital mediums that would help showcase their services and expertise in a visually engaging way, as well as to break down complex details into digestible tidbits of information for readability and engagement.

Infographic Design for Company Visibility

The Weyerhaeuser team needed a set of infographics that would combine visually stimulating design with key information.

ArtVersion contextually designed infographics and one-pagers on enhancing home exteriors, another detailing company distribution statistics, and a third focused on home strengthening. The three designs combined visuals and statistics demonstrating how Weyerhaeuser services and real-estate specialization would offer the best-fitting solutions. ArtVersion created custom graphic designs that simplified the content into clear, easy-to-understand segments, such as detailing the components of a home’s anatomy and associated costs. The team at ArtVersion applied both visual and contextual best practices to optimize each infographic.

Chopped timber wood in a forest.
A zoomed in tablet screen showcasing an infographic call out for a sustainable forestry manufacturing company.
Infographic call outs for a timber and sustainable forestry manufacturing company.
A tablet screen showcasing an infographic design for a sustainable forestry manufacturing company.

Engaging Design Language

To maintain brand cohesion while ensuring each infographic felt unique, ArtVersion designed the series to strengthen the brand's visual identity.

The graphic design team incorporated Weyerhaeuser’s brand colors and introduced a vibrant color palette to add visual intrigue and a dynamic pop of color. Additionally, they conducted thorough industry research to ensure that each design was contextually aligned and accurate in its depiction of the content across the infographic series. This helped to ensure the accuracy of visuals and data while optimizing the visual hierarchy, making the information accessible and easy to read. The overall visual hierarchy also helped drive user engagement and potential conversions further with the simplicity of the content, and impact of the visuals. 

The graphic design language propelled Weyerhaeuser’s business objectives.

Each infographic stood out with its unique design, custom-created to enhance visual communication and broaden audience reach.

A poster design of an infographic visual for a timber and sustainable forestry manufacturing company.
Timber chopped logs on the ground in a forest.
Business card designs for a timber and sustainable forestry manufacturing company.
A canvas tote bag with a sustainable forestry logo manufacturing company printed on the bag.
A laptop computer screen displaying an infographic visual for a timber and sustainable forestry manufacturing company.

Digital Transformation

Along with the proper steps to ensure that the infographics and one-pagers were developed for print—dimensions, die lines, and optimization, ArtVersion also enhanced the designs for digital.

They were usable across channels for the team to implement, along with a version for PDF and digital download. The transition to digital allowed for interactive elements to take form to create movement and animation which offered a more dynamic and visually engaging approach to the key information and new sets of designs. The versatility of the one-pagers and infographics added yet another layer to their company’s story.


To complement the visuals, ArtVersion crafted custom iconography to be used as visual cues and for highlighting key information within the one-pager designs. Each icon was designed to convey universal meanings, utilizing a clean line style. This simplicity in the iconography provided a balance to the more prominent, eye-catching graphic elements throughout the designs.

Blue custom iconography design for a sustainable forestry manufacturing company.
Zoomed in number call outs of an infographic design.
A green ceiling hanging banner for a timber and sustainable forestry manufacturing company.
Circular wood rings of a tree.


The Weyerhaeuser team had new visual communication assets that could be utilized across print and digital channels. The new set of designs also helped establish their branding for internal and external objectives properly and in a way that would showcase their legacy and authority with visually interesting design.