Fueling Global Ambitions

Based in Japan and a leader in technology creation, Nissha Group was on the heels of integrated product diversification and business model scaling at a rapid pace. Since its founding in 1929, Nissha has long been defined by a deep legacy of strength, craft and precision. The brand develops products and materials within the four business segments of “Industrial Materials”, “Devices”, “Medical Technologies" and “Information and Communication”. Nissha was expanding its core technologies of “laminating,” “coating”, “molding” and “patterning” within the scope of those respective business segments. While growth was surely on the horizon, a strategic game plan for capturing target audiences was not yet defined.

Nissha needed a creative partner that could match its evolving, innovative spirit and help paint a picture of how a next-gen operation should look. The brand had its sights set on launching in U.S. marketplaces with a fresh web design that provided more clarity about how its products made a global impact. Cultural perceptions of Nissha would never be the same.

Pronounced Corporate Branding

With an eye on U.S. soils and an international reputation for manufacturing excellence, Nissha USA sought a crisp web design that spoke to the breadth of their core technologies while reflecting the brand’s global stature in unprecedented territories. Nissha had a detailed, intricate portfolio of processing technologies¹, characterized by economic and social value, and a story behind their brand that had to be communicated delicately in order to resonate with stakeholders as well as overseas business bases.

ArtVersion came through with a sleek web design that informed users of Nissha USA’s origins. Geolocation features implemented into the website strategically positioned the brand in front of a range of target markets across the country. The web design had an education dimension that informed users of Nissha’s dynamic global presence, inspiring business-to-business conversions.

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Formidable Digital Results

With a refreshed web design that unified the brand’s core technologies and articulated its mission, Nissha was able to take meaningful steps towards business growth. ArtVersion championed Nissha’s presence in international markets and infused clarity about its newfound U.S. narrative. The outcome is an example of industrial design at its finest.

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