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Discover your
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Effortlessly Explore Destinations, Find the Best Deals, and Create unforgettable Memories with AI-Powered Travel Assistance.

Blue sky

Discover your
next adventure

Effortlessly Explore Destinations, Find the Best Deals, and Create unforgettable Memories with AI-Powered Travel Assistance.

Travel planning made simple with AI technology.

Design for AI Travel Innovation

Amidst the excitement of travel, often lies the need for careful itinerary planning. rove ai, a travel technology company, sought to refocus that excitement by simplifying the planning process. Their team came to ArtVersion to help design their user interface (UI), design language and establish pathways that could support their advanced technology. ArtVersion worked with rove ai to design an interface that would be user-friendly and highly responsive across desktop navigation and for their app interface design—establishing them as a leader in AI-powered travel assistance.

A log in screen for an AI travel website.

User Interface Design and Development

rove ai leverages technology to help users find the best travel deals, schedule tours that fit their schedules, and access simplified booking options. With personalized AI recommendations, the company integrates complex layers to deliver these advanced services. ArtVersion designed an easy-to-navigate, highly optimized user interface to match this sophisticated technology. rove ai was seeking a design that evoked a light, fun feel, to capture the excitement of exploration. ArtVersion utilized user-centered best practices, to create a visually appealing and functional UI.

The interface needed to be highly usable and easy to navigate for quick, on-the-go results—a crucial feature for travelers. ArtVersion carefully outlined pathways and navigations that aligned with each AI-generated result, ensuring that the UI was integrated across all scenarios for each output. The design team also envisioned how each output screen would look and function, thus intersecting form and function throughout the process. ArtVersion included these pathways to enhance the interface’s role as a front-facing component of the backend technology.

Furthermore, rove ai was developing an app to simplify itinerary management. The mobile design was optimized for all devices, featuring interactive elements and microinteractions that enriched user engagement. These design choices made it feel as if users were seamlessly navigating through a digital itinerary that was organized, easily editable, and highly responsive.

A tablet screen showcasing an explore page for a travel website.
Typography selection for an AI travel booking brand identity.


Halenoir Display W05 was selected as the typography to create a modern, sophisticated look, while still achieving that playful and light tone rove ai wanted. Its varying weights—Black, Demibold, and Bold—enhanced visibility and drew attention to key information, making navigation and calls-to-action clear and compelling. The font’s friendly and engaging tone also helped establish the excitement of travel, which furthered a memorable and inviting user experience. Additionally, its versatility and scalability ensured a consistent and visually appealing design across desktop and lower resolutions.

Color Selections

The color story for the interface, crafted with soft, inviting hues, communicated the unique aspects of travel in a manner distinct from the usual deep hues found in many AI technology spaces. rove ai wanted a vibrant and inviting palette to stand out, using colors that categorize information simply while evoking a sense of travel and exploration imbued with fun and energy. Each color contributed to an overall aesthetic that was accessible and appealing, aligning with the company's goal to make travel planning engaging and effortless for users. 

An orange circle color swatch for a travel brand.
Izamal Yellow
A blue circle color swatch for a travel brand.
Santorini Sky
A bright pink circle color swatch for a travel brand.
Lake Hillier
Costa Rica Corcovado
A light pink circle color swatch for a travel brand.
Mount Yoshino Blossoms

The Outcome

With a well-established user interface and a robust design language, rove ai now attained a visual identity that perfectly encapsulated its innovative technology. The design functioned as an effective front-facing component, seamlessly integrating with the backend AI-powered mechanisms. The connection between the visual elements and the technological infrastructure ensured a cohesive user experience that was both intuitive and engaging. rove ai’s audience was now poised with a tool that allowed them to focus on the excitement of travel, with itinerary planning made simple with AI.

A mobile screen interface showcasing a users vacations taken in the past three months.
A laptop screen showcasing UX design for a travel AI company next to a pool.
Two mobile screens showcasing the user interface design for a travel preferences quiz.
A billboard design for an AI travel website next to palm trees.