Two hands holding a tablet device showing an infographic on screen.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
Graphic design
UI/UX design

Contemporary collateral and digital graphic design for leaders of transformative AI software in the commercial insurance industry.

Brand Identity Innovation for Transformative Tech

Convr, a leading technology partner and advisor that utilizes its artificial intelligence (AI) platform to help insurance transform their underwriting operations, was ready to modernize its collateral materials.

With plenty of case studies and reports under their belts, the company partnered with ArtVersion to create design for various brand collateral and marketing materials. To enhance its visual story, ArtVersion also custom-designed infographics and graphic design elements for its existing website with a modern, responsive strategy.

Cover designs of a case study report.

Custom Case Study and Report Designs

To mirror Convr’s authority in the industry, ArtVersion knew the report and case study designs needed to enthrall the eye of any reader, with a sharp, innovative edge. 

To achieve this, the team curated different design directions to share with the Convr team. The different iterations allowed them to select the designs that resonated most with their brand and their demographic. The final designs selected were rich with gradient colors and geometric lines, supplemented by creative callouts. The reports were not simply a visual task, but also research-heavy with a content strategy that ensured visuals contextually matched up with the provided copy placement. Together, the visual and content curated a visual hierarchy within each report and case study.

Case Study

Report Design
Design of a case study report.
Statistics on a case study report.
Infographics and iconography on a case study report design.

Optimized Brand Identity

Custom Iconography

Custom colorful business icons.

Infographics & Graphic Design

The case studies incorporated custom infographics and graphic design elements throughout. The designs offered a modern edge, while also evoking a professional and readable layout. Additionally, the graphic designs and iconography were incorporated digitally on Convr’s website. For a cohesive approach across mediums, the team wanted to also include these new innovative visual accents to their existing site and digital platforms for microinteractions and visual appeal. These became interactive elements that added intrigue to the page while also translating seamlessly across devices.

An infographic wheel with icons and text.
Icon and infographic design displayed on laptop and mobile device.
A UI screen on a tablet display featuring custom iconography.
A powerpoint slide deck of an infographic displayed on a tablet.
A brand guideline open page showing the typography of a insuretech company.


Proxima Nova, with its modern aesthetic featuring clean geometric lines and a balanced composition, was chosen precisely for these attributes. This typeface was deemed the ideal match to complement the sharp lines prevalent throughout the reports, embodying a similar shape and form. Additionally, it was selected for its ability to maintain readability, ensuring that the text is accessible and engaging for readers.

Color Selections

Within the infographics, icons, and graphic elements, the color scheme stayed true to Convr's established brand identity, predominantly utilizing shades of blue and green as its primary palette. This selection added a cohesive visual experience that reflected the brand's core identity.

However, to enhance reader engagement and highlight key information, ArtVersion introduced brighter, more vivid colors for callouts and to provide a visual contrast against the predominant blue. These newly introduced colors were seamlessly integrated, complementing and enriching the existing brand palette.

Light Blue
Dark Navy
Insurance tech company logo hovering over city night skyline.

The Outcome

The outcome of the report design and digital graphic design allowed for a modernized take on Convr’s collateral materials and digital presence. The reports showcased Convr’s partnerships and achievements that conveyed professionalism, capturing their legacy and the innovation behind their technology platform that is changing the underwriting and insurance industry.