Solidifying Creativity within Simplicity

A firm footing with an online presence in our modern day is a viable asset for any established or developing company. A cohesive website that successfully supports a brand’s look and feel is paramount with any project development. Ascend Companies Inc. shared their vision on a brand-new web design to showcase their many companies and partners, with focused navigation. With a polished look and feel as the goal for the website, the ArtVersion team took on the task to intertwine creativity with simplicity.

A Design Takes Shape

During the UI/UX design process, alignment to a brand’s identity was crucial to further enhance brand development. The design of the website heavily revolved around Ascend’s established logo design’s shape and color scheme. Amongst the white backdrop of the website, yellow color blocks within headers and shape implementation livened the minimalism of the website, while also incorporating the color story of Ascend’s brand. To further compliment their logo, ArtVersion’s designers utilized geometric shapes throughout the design to accent the photography.

Typography was another central decision that needed to be cohesively intertwined within the website design. Typography and font decisions play a fundamental role in regards to design, because the final outcome must feel cohesive to any other elements. A typeface that allowed for a sleek, modern look for the content was achieved with Poppins typeface.

Brand Development

brand design

From Wireframe to Website

Following the design direction for UI details, a wireframe strategy was formed. The focus behind the wireframe development was to ensure the Ascend company and its partner companies had a platform that described their services and company goals. Succinct content implementation that defined the mission behind the company further contributed to the minimalist design and sleek user experience. The wireframe process was formed with a clear navigation path in mind that led to the connected companies which was supported by optimized pathways to their corresponding websites.

ui ux design

Focused Functionality

The elegant and modern outcome of the website adhered to a structured and organized platform that left no room for cognitive friction. On both web and mobile interfaces, every user pathway was functional and easily accessible. Moreover, a clear and concise contact page with a fillable form was also crafted alongside a slider functionality for further inquiries regarding Ascend’s partner companies, which tied together all existing entities perfectly.

ui ux design
ui ux design
ui ux design

Mobile Interface Design

mobile design

Marketing Collateral

marketing collateral
marketing collateral
marketing collateral

Custom Icons

custom icons

Tailoring Marketing Materials

An essential component to brand development often includes marketing collateral materials. The ArtVersion team is well-versed in strategizing marketing materials development, and thus were able to generate white pages with the provided content from the Ascend team. Carefully organizing the content with customized infographics and iconography that stemmed off the website’s design and color story was vibrantly brought to life.

The overall look and feel of Ascend’s new website elegantly upheld the company’s tonality and identity. Even with a much simpler approach for a website structure, there was a vast amount of opportunities for creativity to liven every webpage. With that in mind, ArtVersion took those opportunities and allowed their creativity to thrive, ensuring Ascend’s website iconically came into existence.