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Shaping the Future with Design for AI Technology

ArtVersion Designing for AI industry.
Two mobile UI screen designs showing charts and graphs.

Designing with the Future of Technology Growth in Mind

At ArtVersion, we work with diverse industries that are revolutionizing the future with AI technology. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has unlocked possibilities for many industries around the world and has gained newfound momentum. Our team works with diverse industries from all over the world to help design user interfaces, web development, and branding design for established and emerging AI technologies. When your AI technology is reaching new peaks of innovation, your visual story should keep up with it. Work with our team at ArtVersion for custom AI user interface design and web design to continue to grow your technology’s future.

We seamlessly integrate AI technologies with human-centric design methodologies to create innovative and user-focused digital experiences.


— Healthcare
— SaaS
— Manufacturing
— Hospitality
— Transportation and Air
— Retail
— Energy Sector

— Finance and Banking
— Electronics
— Travel
— Defense
— Robotics and Automation

— Heavy Machinery
— Assistive Technologies
— Self-driving (Autonomous)

We Understand the Nuances of Artificial Intelligence

We dive deep into every project we embark on to ensure that every detail and nuance is understood. We peel back the layers behind every client’s objectives and positioning. We’ve kept up with AI’s growth and understand the nuances of its mechanisms. By choosing us, you partner with an agency that can grasp the complexities of AI and succeed in leveraging this advanced technology to deliver innovative and cutting-edge design solutions.

User Interfaces and Visual Models

As a design agency, we have an innate comprehension when it comes to designs that are experiential and cutting-edge. We’ve worked with leaders and industries that specialize in the complexities of AI technology and have used human-centric practices in conjunction with design to create intuitive interactions. Our strategies involve designing visual elements, interactive interfaces, and user workflows that are user-friendly and accommodate complex AI operations. Our design systems and custom design languages are unique to every brand to ensure they stand out as differentiators, of their AI technology.

Financial industry user interface for mobile banking.

Implementing Custom Solutions

We understand no one solution will fit all. Collectively, we utilize data and analytical research to find the best solution for your AI technology. We undergo deep research to understand your industry, context-of-use for your technology, and more to inform the design process. Our agency works with hospitality, healthcare, eCommerce, financial, and other industries to help design the optimal design systems for their tech that make an impact. Our team will work collaboratively with you to unveil the intricacies of your business objectives and company to find the right solution for your technology’s growth.

Multi-Modal Experiences

At ArtVersion, we craft responsive and adaptive user interfaces tailored for AI developers, for seamless functionality across a multitude of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Our approach integrates flexible, grid-based layouts and personalized settings that adapt to various screen sizes and orientations, optimizing user experience and performance. We prioritize consistency across platforms while embracing the unique features of different operating systems. Additionally, our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity means our interfaces meet the highest standards, making them usable for all developers.

Dark user interface dashboard for AI technology.
White AI graphics

Since 1999, in innovation, we've emerged as a top design agency for leading organizations. We're eager to bring our expertise to your brand's journey.

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