Kenilworth School District

Annual report design for a k-12 school district.

Modernizing Visual Communications

Kenilworth School District in Illinois, particularly Joseph Sears School, wanted to begin the future school year with fresh and visually stimulating print communications. ArtVersion worked with the school district to modernize their collateral designs and a set of annual reports to commemorate Joseph Sears’ achievements and milestones. ArtVersion developed contemporary collateral materials with new designs that revitalized the school’s mission.

A school district white logo mark overlay and crayon box.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral

Annual Report Design

To commemorate the yearly achievements of the school as well as the board of education, ArtVersion kicked off the collaboration with a refresh of their annual reports. The team was tasked with conceptualizing the layout and structure, employing visual hierarchy methodologies to ensure the readability of information. The reports were rich with content, including curriculum advancements, future goals, and various other accomplishments.

Cover design of an an annual report for a school district.

Visual Structure

Given the myriad of data and statistical information included in the report, ArtVersion designed custom infographics to provide visual cues and break up dense sections of text. These infographics featured bright and vibrant hues to add pops of color to the report's overall lighter, more neutral color palette.

In addition to the infographics, the reports also featured photography assets that captured the culture of the school district. These images were purposefully integrated throughout each page to enhance visual interest and were optimized for high-quality print integration.

To ensure cohesion, each annual report design followed the same overall structure and neutral style with vibrant graphic elements. However, each report also had its own unique spin, making every edition distinct in its own way. This careful balance between consistency and uniqueness ensured that the reports effectively communicated the school's achievements while keeping the design fresh and engaging each year.

Annual report design for a school district.
Annual report design for a school district showing graphs and charts.
An annual report design displayed on a tablet device showing charts and graphs.
A cover design of an annual report design for a school district.

Interactive Digital Design

To reach a wider audience, ArtVersion optimized the annual reports for digital use. These digitized versions were implemented on the Kenilworth School District's website, making them accessible to parents, faculty, and school board members. The digital format also enabled the addition of motion and interactive elements, enhancing visual engagement.

Additionally, ArtVersion infused fresh creative ideas into the digital reports to elevate the user experience further. They incorporated interactive timelines and clickable charts that allowed viewers to delve deeper into the school’s yearly milestones and statistics. This approach made the reports more engaging and helped to present complex information in an easy-to-understand manner, ensuring that every initiative was communicated and celebrated.

Annual report design for a school district open spreads.
Annual report design for a school district displaying infographic.
Annual report design for a school district displaying charts and graphs.
An annual report design displayed on a tablet device.

Additional Print Collateral 

ArtVersion designed and developed a variety of print communication items and informational assets in addition to the annual report. This collection included invitations to school events, posters for classrooms and hallways, event calendars, graduation banners, notecards, and more. The design language for all materials was professional yet provided a visually stimulating edge. These pieces also featured a more contemporary and approachable style, making them much more engaging for young audiences. Additionally, all components of the design adhered to a cohesive design language that embodied the school district.

Invitation card for a education school district.
Invitation card design for a school district.
A digital invitation displayed on a tablet device.
Annual report cover page on mobile screen.
Mobile screen displaying annual report.
Hallway poster design for a school district.
Charts and data graphs for an annual report.
Charts graphs data visuals for an annual report.
Bar graph data visuals and imagery for annual report design.
Iconography design and imagery for an annual report.


The annual report, along with other print items like the school calendar, featured custom iconography. The icons were designed to be universally understandable, aiding in the clear conveyance of content. Symbolic of holidays and school events, they marked important dates on the calendar. Additional icons represented various concepts in the annual report, such as financial expenditures. Consistency was maintained across all graphics, which were created with medium strokes for easy visibility and a touch of playfulness to enhance the overall design.

Custom iconography design for an annual report.

Color Selections

ArtVersion chose a vibrant color palette for the annual report to appeal to a broad audience and enhance readability. The choice of a classic conveyed a sense of trust and reliability, while the lighter blue added a friendly and approachable tone. The inclusion of a vibrant pink hue, which contrasted sharply with the blues, served to highlight key information and add visual interest. 

Sky Blue

The Results

The updated annual report and associated materials have revitalized John Sears School’s visual communications, capturing and highlighting the school’s vibrant spirit and culture. The enhancements generated enthusiasm among staff and board members, as their communications now resonate with a contemporary edge and align with today’s standards.