Center for Oral Health

The front cover for the "Orange County Oral Health Strategic Plan 2018-2022" on a tablet display.

Dual-format report design for a non-profit organization aiding communities with dental health.

The front and back cover of the "Orange County Oral Health Strategic Plan 2018-2022"

Contemporary Report Design 

Center for Oral Health (COH) is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve oral health for vulnerable demographics. ArtVersion worked with the non-profit to design and assemble their annual report. The report was rich with information about dental health best practices, social, economic, and technological contexts, and lastly, organization goals and strategies for the upcoming year. ArtVersion designed a contemporary report while spotlighting COH’s impact on communities.

Intersecting Design with Information Architecture

The report design was custom-designed with COH's mission at the forefront.

To merge approachability and modernity, ArtVersion curated a report layout design that was cultivated by vibrant colors and photo assets that established the tonality of COH’s efforts and mission. The team also designed custom iconography and infographics throughout the report to showcase key information visually, and to further visual engagement. The structure of the report was composed with visual and information hierarchy organization in mind to ensure that information was successfully shared across the report. 

A Focus on Furthering Organization Discoverability 

With a print design established, COH's report was also optimized for digital sharing. 

Moreover, the report was optimized for digital reading responsively across devices, which helped communicate COH’s mission and vision forward with a more readily accessible pathway. A majority of users discover brands and organizations through mobile scrolling, therefore, curating a pathway via mobile and device usability widened the door for future audience discoverability. 


Proxima Nova was poised for the report because of its professional appeal. The geometric shapes of Proxima Nova provided a balance between a warm, inviting feel and straightforward clarity. For readability, the typeface is versatile enough for digital and print communications, and across headers and smaller body text. Its sleek, contemporary appearance also helped convey a sense of reliability and seriousness, aligning well with the professional image often sought by non-profit organizations.

The Outcome

The annual report elevated COH with a modern design to showcase their research and impact. With a visually inviting report in place, their research findings stood out clearly and strategically—communicating their mission of advocating for dental health across communities.