InvenTrust Properties

Laptop displaying a company logo and properties of a real estate investment trust specializing in open-air retail properties.

Project Disciplines

Brand Strategy
Web Design
UI/UX Design

A Data-Driven User Experience

InvenTrust Properties is a real estate investment trust that invests in shopping malls and grocery-anchored and necessity-based properties in the Sunbelt markets. With a wide range of properties rich with data, InvenTrust came to ArtVersion with the task of developing their website. With a vision already in mind, InvenTrust sought ArtVersion’s expertise in developing a robust backend structure and UI/UX framework that could seamlessly hold all details of each property, and turn the designs into a robust, highly intuitive experience.

Laptop screen displaying an investor property company website.

Optimizing Digital Solutions

Due to the extensive data requirements and migration process of the website, ArtVersion's development team formulated a strategy to optimize its functionality.

This involved creating a detailed site map and aligning each property’s data with its respective details while ensuring accuracy through thorough cross-checking. The incorporated data encompassed leasing agents’ contact details, square footage, location, property documents, resources, overviews, and demographics. Given the website’s vast property listings, ArtVersion implemented custom HTML coding to enable a search function that filters properties by location, leasing type, metro area, and name.

To enhance location visibility, the team designed a mapping system showcasing available spaces and provided property renderings for improved visualization. Furthermore, additional essential information such as resource integration, stock data, and governance-related items were integrated into the website. With these data-heavy assets, creating a seamless navigation framework was crucial. As a result, the website’s framework prioritized an informative hierarchy, ensuring users could navigate the site effortlessly.

Desktop screen displaying a webpage of an investor property company website.
Laptop screen showcasing a website of an investor property company website.
Laptop on an angle displaying an investor property company website.
Laptop screen showing a webpage of an investor property company website.

Intersecting Legacy with Modernity

The goal of the website was to convey a modern, cutting-edge design while maintaining InvenTrust's established legacy.

The team accomplished this by updating the visuals across the site, which included enhancing all photo assets. Each property image played a crucial role in highlighting its details and demonstrating the caliber and quality of InvenTrust's properties. ArtVersion optimized these images using high-resolution slicing techniques to maintain quality without compromising website speed. To further the modern aesthetic, ArtVersion introduced brighter, neon-like colors that contrasted effectively with the dark background. This choice drew attention to important information and prominent property features, further emphasizing the cutting-edge look desired.

A tablet device showcasing a property research page for an investor property company website.
Mobile screens displaying website of an investor property company website.

Custom Iconography and Microinteractions

Visual cues and graphic design elements helped to establish seamless user navigation.

As mentioned, the website contained extensive property data, thus ArtVersion integrated custom-designed iconography to enhance visual appeal and provide breaks amidst the information. These icons, universally recognized, were strategically placed alongside details to highlight features and numerical data. Additionally, the team incorporated microinteractions across the site to introduce more intuitive and interactive elements. These features, along with the rest of the website’s overall functionality, were optimized for all devices as the team utilized user-centric and responsive strategies.

UI systems of an investor property company.
UI designs for an investor property company showing sustainable focus page.
UI design of mobile screen for an investor company.
UI system designs and icons for an investor property company website.

Color Selections

The color palette for Inventrust Properties was thoughtfully designed to reflect our commitment to modern, high-quality spaces. Deep shades of blue and teal bring a vibrant, contemporary feel, emphasizing Inventrust's innovative yet accessible approach to real estate. The inclusion of black adds a classic, refined touch, offering a sense of stability and reliability. To add a dynamic pop of color, we've introduced green and orange accents, bringing energy and warmth to the overall aesthetic. 

Color selections for an investor property company website.
Font selection of Roboto in regular and bold.


Roboto was chosen as the typography to perfectly complement the color palette, reinforcing the brand's modern and approachable theme. Its clean lines and versatility provide excellent legibility and readability, ensuring that the brand's message is delivered with clarity. The use of regular and bold weights in Roboto allows for flexibility, emphasizing key information without losing a sense of balance. This typeface is known for its neutrality, enabling the quality and design of our products to take center stage.

The Outcome

The website experience offered a new level of modernity and functionality for the InvenTrust identity.

InvenTrust was geared toward a digital experience that would help solidify their authority in the industry. The website was optimized to run seamlessly and structured with key information about their properties—capturing the authority of their business with a future-proof UI/UX web design.