Chicago Photography Studio

Essential things you must know about brand photography.

Here at ArtVersion we love what photography brings out in all of us – excitement! Photos reflect truth in visual storytelling and design work and illuminates the personality that is nested in the brands we work with. You know what your vision is – let us bring your brand to life and show, as well as talk about, your company’s culture.

With photography, we can creatively showcase company culture, engage the audience, sell products, evoke emotions, and tell fantastic stories. Companies have embraced that as they catch and hold their company’s message and display it through photos, proudly showing their unique visions in real-time. Because visual presentation has become so important to consumers and businesses alike, photography has blossomed.

In-Studio Product Photography

Clean, crisp, detailed images of your product can be photographed in our in-house studio. We make sure that your products are displayed properly and every detail is shown. We find the best lighting and the right angles to deliver images that best showcase your products.

On-Location Photography

Lifestyle shots, corporate portraits, architectural photography, you name it – we can organize and direct a photo shoot depending on your needs. We are always experimental and creative with the camera while staying focused on your unique brand and producing the right images for you.

Corporate Portraits

Your clients receive impressions of you at every moment – from browsing your website, to communicating with you via email, to scrolling through your social media pages. At any given instance, when experiencing that connection to your brand, both images and the related content are absorbed – impressions are formed quickly and often cannot be reversed. 

Is Your Picture Worth 1000 Words?

Photography tells a visual story that works hand in hand with a company’s branding. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, illustrating what the brand stands for and clearly articulating the passion that lies within the heart of the brand vision.