The Challenge

Providing a real estate system for managing properties, transactions, projects, occupancy, and data migration, REmaap sought to optimize their platform to effectively expand their market, increase user satisfaction and promote usability. Designed specifically for a range of project management usage, ArtVersion engaged in a comprehensive UI/UX strategy and implementation to deliver a more efficient and appealing product.

ui ux tablet left

An Integrated System

Designed as a corporate integrated platform offering management of virtually any project that requires migrating data from one system to another or moving from unstructured to structured and manageable data – the system had to be flexible. Taking into account that users would spend the better part of their day working within the platform, elements needed to be clear, minimal, engaging and fit for use from small office to enterprise level. To emphasize functionality, highlight core elements and notate actionable items, a bold but tempered color palette was developed with corresponding icons and type for ease of recognition.

ui ux dashboard
ui ux menu design
ui ux design1
ui ux design3
design branding

Agile UI/UX Strategies

Managing data requires a set of intelligent tools at the user’s fingertips. Featuring several information funnels, the platform offers multiple options for organizing data and search options. A carefully strategized hierarchy offers distinct categories for core information and status summary, workflow status, and dashboard for at-a-glance access to information that requires quick attention.