National Home Rentals

A person types into the UI of the home page web design.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
Graphic design
UX design

Web Redesign for Real Estate Innovators

National Home Rentals (NHR), a real estate agency that offers full-service rental home experiences for their clients was ready to offer their audience a new experience with a modernized website redesign. ArtVersion was familiar with the company and their team, having redesigned its sister companies Magnolia Capitol and STYL Residential. The overall goal of the website refresh was to allow NHR’s website to feel unique and showcase its services, while also looking cohesive within the company’s entire ecosystem of brands and subsidiaries—optimizing its backend with a robust and easy-to-use CMS structure.

Form and Functionality

ArtVersion prioritized developing a robust backend infrastructure for NHR.

This was essential in curating a website that could withhold the data implementation and migration. ArtVersion developed a backend framework with WordPress to showcase each NHR property listing. Each property had information dynamically pulled to showcase location, amenities, and any other key detail information. Additionally, because NHR offers a full-service rental experience across the United States, there was a litany of properties to showcase which ArtVersion streamlined with filtration and search features, backend categorization based on location, and more.

A desktop UI screen featuring a parent outdoors playing soccer with child.
A person looks at a mobile device and text that reads "How to Apply for Your Home" for a desktop UI web design.
A UI screen that reads "Resident Services" featuring two people in a living room.
A desktop UI screen on the "Features" section with a person walking their dog.

Design Language and Mobile Optimization

The visuals were curated to reflect NHR's branding ecosystem with a refreshing take.

Additionally, on the visual side of the initiative, ArtVersion integrated custom CSS and coding for animations and movement to engage the audience. This complimented the simple, yet authentic design language across the website to create a welcoming experience.  Further, the team utilized grid technology for a mobile and responsive design for interested buyers to access their platform no matter their chosen device to navigate the website.

"Our Promise" section of the UI featuring service statistics in small and large circles.
A person smiles while using a laptop the the featured image for the "Work With Us" page.
An "About Us" mobile UI.
An "Overview" section of the UI featuring a person at a desk on a laptop.
The client's logo on the side of a white building.
"Our Promise" UI/UX design on a mobile device.
A family of four pictured in a frame on a wall with text that reads "For a more happier home".

Color Selections

The color story behind NHR was a coalescence between light and deeper blues, which emulated a sense of trust, and authenticity. The colors were also a part of NHR’s branding standards which aligned with their subsidiary companies as well. The blues also added dynamism to the clean and modern look that focused on white visual blocks and stylistic choices.


Montserrat was also a part of NHR’s design standards, however, ArtVersion implemented the typeface across formatting styles for a further dynamic approach. Montserrat offered a modernized and simplistic design direction that the company’s new website was leaning into. It was utilized in light, bold, and regular formatting styles, which were incorporated throughout the site for headers, eyebrow text, and body copy.

The Outcome

National Home Rentals’ new website was now modernized to align with the new standards of their company’s ecosystem.

The website offered a more intuitive backend solution and functionality, while also promoting a newly engaging visual story. Both elevated aspects of the UI/UX experience poised National Home Rentals as industry leaders ready to elevate the real estate market.