Leading In Luxury

As a leading force for full-service luxury custom home design and construction, The Amrami Design + Build Group, provides class design, architecture, and interior design services throughout Chicago. Building for a grand scale of luxurious homes, the Amrami team reached out to ArtVersion to craft tangible and digital mediums that showcased their extravagant aesthetic and work.

Scope of work included

ResearchStrategyGraphic DesignContent AnalysisWeb DesignContent AnalysisWeb DesignUX Design

The Approach

The project scope for the ArtVersion team ranged from research strategy and graphic design to content analysis and data visualization. Embodying an imagery heavy route to the project took center focus throughout development. Photography and image implementation was vital to showcase the home-design and architectural builds the Amrami team crafted to visually celebrate their work. Web design and a modern, sleek booklet were the goals of the project.

branding design
brand manual cover
brand guide1
brand guide2
brand guide3

Capturing Timeless Elegance

The ArtVersion team crafted a brand manual booklet that beautifully dissected Amrami’s mission, vision, and process behind every home they design. Through grey and black color stories and mono, yet modern design components, a sleek and classy aesthetic was achieved. High resolution photography was able to speak for itself within the portfolio manual. Content analysis was also implemented to work in conjunction with the imagery to fully develop the Amrami brand image.

brochure design
flipbook cover
flipbook spread1
flipbook spread4
flipbook spread2
flipbook spread4

Sleek and Modern Web Design

To correlate with the efforts of a sleek brand manual, ArtVersion’s team of UI/UX designers also generated a website and mobile interface for Amrami. Mimicking the heavy imagery approach and minimal text, the layout of the webpages on the interface were composed of large photos of interior and exterior home designs, re-enforced with lean typography. The inclusion of images with hover-overlays, neatly incorporated more content throughout. The clean navigation of the interface ensured productive usability, scalability, and accessibility. Videos for client testimonials were also embedded onto the website. Remaining in constant collaboration with the Amrami team allowed consistency for both digital and print.

home wireframe1
home wireframe2
wireframe design-1
contact wireframe
testimonials long

A Picture-Perfect Portfolio

As part of the web development process, Amrami tasked ArtVersion to create a portfolio webpage to showcase their completed projects. The page was designed to describe every project in brief detail, along with a photo gallery and videos for virtual tours of each home. Every page ended with an impactful call-to-action to develop more conversion opportunities.

about us
services ui ux
projects long
mobile responsive

The Final Solution

Visually representing a company’s work requires UI/UX methodologies and promote a sleek and luxurious experience. The solution and result to the project were cohesive and visually stimulating, while optimizing the brand’s authentic image. Different mediums for brand storytelling and the incorporating of elements, color schemes, and graphic design took centerfold for the curation of this digital and print success.