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Visual Storytelling

This is how visual storytelling can be a huge asset for your marketing and branding strategy.

In today’s competitive business world, the first goal is to capture the attention of your target market. The information has become prevalent, so it’s vital that you make your message stand out. That’s why the best way to get your foot in the proverbial door is with your visual presentation.

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The best way to make your message relevant

While your visual presentation is responsible for grabbing attention, your story is what will ultimately hook people in. This brings us to visual storytelling, which is a great way to generate interest, tie people into your message, and get people to understand what you’re trying to say. Everything is laid out strong and clear so that your audience can go from “who are you?” to “how can I be a part of this?”

Visual storytelling goes beyond design, although the design is a big part of making your story cohesive. The best way to describe it is to think of an infographic. An infographic is designed to be eye-catching, easy to consume, and instantly gratifying. A visual story has the same elements except that its purpose is to draw the person in to learn more about your company or message as opposed to sharing relevant information.

User Experience

Creating unparalleled user engagement

Visual stories do what great stories do best. They create intrigue, evoke emotions, build anticipation, invite engagement and ultimately reward the active participant. Your average content puts the person in a passive mode, where they either consume the content or leave your website altogether. Visual stories, on the other hand, are interactive and get people to commit themselves to your story.

Telling your story in this manner can also help your company stand out in the marketplace. Most companies try to emulate each other to fit into the status quo. By engaging your audience in a unique way, you’ll increase your brand awareness, convey your company’s unique benefits, and build an audience that actually wants to be a part of your story. ArtVersion understands the importance of using your content to diversify your company and can help you come up with a visual story that can convey the strengths of your products or brand.

Visual Storytelling

How are companies using visual storytelling?

Companies are using visual storytelling in multiple ways. Some companies are using it to highlight their products in a unique manner. They are tying in a story to their product so that consumers understand how it works and how it could benefit them without a hard sell. Other companies are using this form of content to tell a story about their brand to increase their brand awareness and audience. And finally, companies are creating content that tells stories about relevant or interesting topics all the while integrating their products into the story.

Our Expertise

A Team You Can Trust

Our team has extensive experience in designing and creating visual content. We’ve been working on visual storytelling projects before it ever became an industry buzz word and have worked on other forms of visual content such as infographics. It’s all about user experience.

We know how to use visual content in a way to help grow your brand and create meaningful user experiences. We specialize in narrative and visual stories that promote the brand, corporate culture and emphasize company philosophy.

If you’re looking to use visual storytelling in your marketing campaign, give us a call, and we’ll explain our process. Helping brands come up with ideas that are ideally suited, timeless, and expendable is our passion. We pride ourselves on our capability to inspire innovation among the companies and teams.