A financial webpage shown on a tablet ui screen.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
UI/UX design
Web design

Intersecting contemporary web design with future-forward design thinking for a distinguished tax and accounting agency. 

Amplifying Accounting Solutions with a Web Redesign

From static and simple to dynamic and immersive.

When collaborating with Sassetti, part of the mission of the complete website overhaul was to infuse vibrancy through a lively color scheme, animate the user experience with dynamic movement, streamline data flow, and overall, adopt a user-centric approach. Along with in-depth competitor analysis, the wireframes were curated conceptually, and contextually.

ArtVersion also structured purposeful site architecture and information hierarchy within the wireframe development stage before moving into the design phase. Through an iterative approach and collaboration with Sassetti, the website embodied their innovative accounting services.

Bright warm office workplace setting.

UI/UX Development

To engage users to explore the website and its services, the ArtVersion team knew it had to be visually exciting.

Sassetti provides a broad spectrum of tax and accounting services across multiple industries.  With user experience (UX) at the forefront, ArtVersion’s development team added life to the graphic elements with animation and movement. From highlighting key services to animating transitions between pages with calls to action and a clear user journey, these dynamic elements infused the website with an energetic and engaging rhythm. Within the headers of each landing page, videos were seamlessly embedded to ignite visual interest.

UI Screens

Web Design
Who we are page heading section UI/UX.
Timeline infographic design section UI/UX.
Values section on UI/UX design screen interface.
"Our Assurance Services" UI/UX section.
Services showing descriptions and icons UI/UX.
We are here to help UI/UX design section.

Responsive Design

Home landing mobile ui screen.
Our advisory services section on mobile screen.
Mobile design with text UI screen.
Women owned section mobile design.
We are here to help section on mobile screen.
Office exterior and trees.


UI Strategy
Header and menu navigation section UI wireframe.
"Our Story" infographic section for a wireframe design.
Three-image layout wireframe for web design.
Wireframe design for UI/UX web design.
Wireframe of UI design with an SaaS industry "Services" page.

Custom Iconography

Custom icons for employee benefits.
Iconography design that is utilized for services.
Organic shape and images graphic elements.

Custom Animations & Design Language

With the foundation in place, a design language that authentically represented the Sassetti brand was imperative.

To add a playful yet professional element, the team introduced an oblong circle graphic into the design. This feature not only allowed for the strategic distribution of brand colors but also punctuated depth and movement to images to avoid a static look and feel. By deliberately off-centering these shape elements, they managed to emphasize the perception of depth and fluidity even more effectively.

Along with additional visual and graphic curation, custom iconography was designed to capture a visual interpretation of each Sassetti service. The design and movement were seamlessly incorporated responsively.

Agency team collaborating together in office.

Color Selections

The website layout attained a more simplistic, cream-colored backdrop but to compliment its neutral feel, a palette was designed to invigorate the neutral landscape with vibrant bursts of color.  

The selection embraced a color story of vibrant lime greens, coupled with shades of light and navy blues. The purposeful interspersing of these dynamic colors with light greys and soft charcoal black hues ensured an aesthetic with a balanced color pallet.

Light Green
Light Teal
Lato regular typeface.
Lato Black typeface in upper and lower case.


Lato, a sans-serif typeface, was utilized for its modern, yet readable structure for both body and header text. Specifically, for Sassetti, Lato strikes the perfect balance between professional and approachable— a nuanced detail that resembles the brand’s story and ethos.

An office workplace setting with a green graphic design element overlaid on it.

The Outcome

The outcome of the website resulted in a digital presence that captured Sassetti’s company mission while also offering their story experientially and invitingly. The successful transformation reinforced Sassetti’s digital presence, increased visibility, and website traffic, enabling it to resonate with its audience on a deeper level while reflecting its commitment to quality.