Dushan Stankovic

Director, Web Development

As a senior development lead, Dushan is responsible for most of the technology strategies, security conventions and implementations to any project that hits our pipeline. His passion lies in the use of open source technologies and their customization to meet project requirements for optimized workflows. Dushan also personally develops and customizes almost all web interfaces that our core team designs – his tight collaborations with our designers and sysadmins form a strong bridge in our design and development process. His interests are highly focused on evolving web and digital spaces.

His expertise in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax and JavaScript allows our web projects to include user-engaging methods and interactive elements that create not only balanced experiences but also improve functionality within interfaces. He also enjoys server-side scripting and structured query languages, such as PHP and MySQL. Always in search of challenges and opportunities to advance his development skills, Dushan is an essential part of our core web development team. Prior to joining ArtVersion, he worked as a computer hardware technician and sysadmin for Linux and Windows-based LAN and WAN systems. He was also engaged in projects like web development and database administration for larger multi-channel businesses. When Dushan is not in front of his computer screen, he enjoys studying the Impressionism movement; both in art and music.