Erin Lentz

Executive Director of Design

As the Executive Director of Design, Erin is the main anchor of the ArtVersion team, overseeing all of the firm’s internal and client communications. She designed and engineered major strategic shifts for our clients, including Hilton, TransUnion, Caterpillar, and Volvo. To drive user engagement and help evolve their brand experiences by expanding a base of digital offerings and creating new global capabilities utilizing data science, research, and design.

Erin’s statements and works are mentioned in various industry-related publications. She was acknowledged and recognized by Ad Age, Forbes and Adweek as one of the industry forecasts and trendsetters often called for comments or insights. Keeping all projects in fluid motion and simplifying the workflow complexities. With a seamless and collaborative approach, Erin’s passion for assets engineering and design at large deeply connects and internalizes our agency’s strategic approach and positioning – one that is rooted in user-centric design and delivery of unified brand experiences across all platforms. Her responsibilities as an executive director include establishing partnerships with leading organizations, supporting key client initiatives, and innovative actions and platforms to scale best practices throughout the project lifecycle. Erin’s passion and expertise in digital branding development have contributed to many processes that we’ve undertaken. User interface and experience design, user interactions, and usability serve as a perfect medium for her to express her creativity and practice prevalent design strategies. Erin’s objectives and goals are focused on bringing companies’ spirits and cultures to life through design and visual brand strategies. With her bright and uplifting personality, Erin is our office digital design evangelist, both staying updated with the latest technology and continually advocating for clients to integrate new and adaptive uses and methodologies. Understanding the importance of impeccable UI/UX design, Erin contributes to the strategizing and implementation of countless multi-faceted projects and increasingly complex platforms and systems. Reflecting professionalism, integrity and dedication, she considers the delivery of perfect end results to be the ultimate priority. Under her leadership, enthusiasm for new challenging projects and problem-solving through the design approach, we are able to push the limits and innovate in all areas of visual communications. Her warmth and approachability create strong relationships with clients and team members. A firm believer that “some of the biggest risks create great end results,” she is truly passionate about design and enjoys incorporating forms and function into meaningful graphic art that formulates sophisticated and creative visuals. In her spare time, Erin enjoys traveling and attending various sporting events.