Goran Paun

Principal, Creative Director

Goran has spent the better part of his career helping companies with branding and design strategies by giving authenticity to their corporate identities through focused design, visual branding and user interface & experience design. Goran founded the full-service creative agency, ArtVersion, in 1999. Since then, ArtVersion has provided numerous clients, including Fortune 500 companies, with web-design, UI/UX, brand storytelling, corporate identity, visual communications and marketing services. Roster includes: Toyota, Volvo, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola Company, Caterpillar, Qualcomm, Cisco, Jackson National, MorganStanley, Federal Reserve, Deutsche Bank, TransUnion, Toyota, Pfizer, and Rush University.

As a reputable member of the graphic design and web design industry, Goran’s comments and insights are regularly published in newspapers, magazines, and local and national print publications. These include well-known papers such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes, and Crain’s Chicago Business. He has also been published in various influential blogs such as Founders Card, Examiner, AppleNews, and AmericanExpress Open Forum. Goran has years of expertise in brand strengthening, as well as the creation and re-development of corporate identities. His philosophy is, “Among all products equal in functionality, cost and quality, the one with the most appealing design will always stay on top.” He has said, “It’s impressive to see how executives and their teams are willing to put forth the effort to make their marketing messages really represent their company. Many of them depend on our creativity and forward thinking. From ideation to completion, we work hard together, and that is the only way of creating ingenious and effective materials.” In addition to branding and corporate identity, Goran’s passions lie in web usability, user experience design and user interface design (UX/UI). By helping companies keep their customers engaged through interactive methods and technologies, he has bolstered brands and kept them relevant in the ever-changing world we live in. He truly believes that user experience is the magic that will power a successful and lasting business today and into the future. Goran has long been a respected voice in the subject of visual branding, web, and digital marketing. Goran received his professional training at the Polytechnic Academy of Belgrade, Serbia, and has received numerous awards for his creative work. Goran is an active member of the Adobe® Customer Advisors, Forbes Agency Council, American Institute of Graphic Art, National Association of Photoshop® Professionals, National Press Photographers Association, National Geographic Society, and of the Art Directors Club. In 2004, Goran was nominated as a Leader of the Year.