First Impressions Matter

A design agency team collaborates on user interface design strategy around a laptop.

When designing a website, always consider the first impression you want to impart on your visitors. A good first impression will increase the chances that your visitor will return again. A negative first impression means that not only will visitors not return, but most likely they will not spend very much time exploring your site.

What goes into producing the best first impression possible?

A Professional Feel

When first coming to your site, visitors should immediately know that a lot of time and effort went into making your site reflect your business. That means it needs to load fast, load correctly, and look like it was designed by a professional. Sites that are broken or sloppy will cause more harm than good. Bring a strong first impression by putting in the time, money, and effort necessary to impress visitors and turn eyes into sales.

Visually Pleasing

It’s important that graphics, colors, logos, and flow all work together to create a positive experience for visitors. All these factors add to the experience of a website. If the colors are overwhelming, or the eye isn’t certain where to go, visitors are likely to click off before they’ve even read your content, which means you just lost a sale. By producing a site that has amazing flow and eye-catching visuals, you’ll go far.

Catchy Taglines

Most people forget that words can factor into first impressions too. While a lot of it will be mostly about the visuals, a catchy tagline or headline can grab a visitor’s attention and hold it. Most importantly, a tagline should define what the site is about, and give it a purpose. If a visitor understands what you are offering, they’re more likely to stick around.

Those are just a couple of the important factors that go into web design. What are some factors you look for when first visiting a website?