Rejuvenating Brand Identity

With the world of dental services becoming increasingly intricate for the average user, BK Dental reached out to ArtVersion about developing an alluring identity that would more effectively encourage audiences to take control of their smiles. The brand needed to refine its text-heavy website as well as optimize visibility within search engines in order to re-establish clarity about the dentistry’s procedures and advanced technologies.

Patient education and dependable, transparent customer service was at the core of BK Dental’s mission. The brand targeted a fresh, descriptive web design format and seamless appointment sign-up functionality to reinforce itself as a leading dentistry practice in a competitive Chicagoland marketplace.

Dental Interface Design

After extensive collaboration and thoughtful analysis of BK Dental’s business objectives, ArtVersion began by polishing its brand attributes, including logo, to reflect the integrity and renowned tenure of stakeholders. The project then transitioned to website wireframing exercises meant to re-calibrate the website’s user journeys and emphasize the value of various product offerings for its audiences. User pathways to conversion would emerge in an intelligent format.

The result was an inviting, cohesive interface that was informational about the brand’s services & legacy, without being overwhelming or scaring users away. The breadth of BK Dental’s procedures were sorted into categories and complemented by lively, relatable imagery that clicked with website visitors in a way that hadn’t been experienced before. A team photoshoot paved the way for true brand authenticity, and messaging was personalized to become applicable for both communities (Evanston & Wood Dale) in which BK Dental serves. Patient conversions and appointment sign-ups became reliable –– not only for users, but also the brand. Demand for family dentistry soared with a notable uptick.

Wireframe Web Design
home wireframe
team wireframe
team wireframe2

Unified Engagement and Promotions Strategy

BK Dental hit the ground running with a dynamic identity and clean website that was complemented by a unified engagement and promotions strategy. With ArtVersion’s guidance & expertise, BK Dental garnered a loyal following by extending its voice on corresponding social media channels. ArtVersion helped BK Dental adapt to patients’ responsiveness to services through comprehensive analytics assessments which evaluated user traffic flow on the new website. With newfound visibility and added credibility, the brand was reinforced as a trusted community partner.

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