Students inside a College Interior.

Legat Architects—a distinguished architecture firm in Chicago sought creative design assistance from ArtVersion with the goal of revitalizing their web presence, and brand identity with a modern look, and crafting a brand-new look and feel.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
UI/UX design
Graphic design
Marketing collateral
Desktop Screen UI Design Learning Project.

Innovative Design Language

For Legat, their vision was to tell their story in an engaging and inviting way.

The website allows Legat’s audience to newly discover the impactful architectural work that they continuously design to improve lives and inspire communities.

College Library Interior and Large Windows.

Web Design

Desktop Screen UI Design featuring school grounds.

UI Screens

Web Design
Learning Pillar Section of UI Screen.
Design With A Difference Statement on UI screen.
UI Screen Services.
A desktop web design screen featuring a staff quote and headshot.
Wellness Portfolio Project.
Aquatic Center Exterior Building.

Responsive Design

Care at the Core Wellness Mobile.
Sustainability Action Plan Mobile Screen Design.
Design with a Difference Mobile Screen.
Interior Design Services Mobile Screen.
Staff Quote and Headshot Mobile Screen.
Benefits and Perks Mobile Screen.
Vision Statement Section Mobile.
Learning Project Mobile Screen.
They are extremely talented designers and experts. They created a user interface that gives site users meaningful experiences and a digestible roadmap on the website.
- Director of Marketing | Business Development

Brand Identity

The refreshed brand identity included geometric shape elements that uniquely represented each sector of Legat’s project portfolio: learning, wellness, and community. They added visual appeal and pops of color that worked cohesively together. Each element had a symbolic story — an oval for learning and renewal of new generations of students, the square for strength and health, and the circle, evocative of community and togetherness.

Branding Shape Color Elements.
Poppins Light A letter.
Poppins Regular A letter.
Poppins semi-bold A in orange.
Poppins bold A in orange.


Poppins typography was selected to be utilized across Legat’s website—headers, body text, as well as for brand collateral. As a geometric sans-serif typeface, Poppins offers clarity and structure for easy readability in all visual representations. The curvature and roundness of this typography selection reflect the welcoming tonality of Legat’s brand mission with a modern look and feel.

Color Selections

The primary colors represent the different segments that encompass Legat projects—learning, wellness, and community. The orange color is one of the core colors found throughout the Legat logo, branding materials, website, and represents the ‘community’ segment.

The lime green color selection was also chosen to represent the ‘learning’ sector, along with the blue which is visually representative of the ‘wellness’ sector. 

Lime Green
Teal Blue
Bright Orange
Blue Gray
Hotel Interior Reception Desk.

Logo Design

An all-encompassing website revamp often goes hand in hand with brand rejuvenation to ensure a cohesive brand representation. ArtVersion refined the Legat logo typeface with different font weights — using a robust, bold style for ‘Legat’ contrasted with a delicate, slimmer ‘Architects,’ added a dynamic quality to the brand identity. 

Logo With Tagline Layered on Image.
Client's logo negative space and area of isolation.
Logo on a Tote Bag.
Logon on Journals.
ArtVersion graphic design: Legat business cards.

To accompany the visual design, there was a comprehensive refresh of Legat's messaging and narrative ethos. 

The content strategy team collaborated closely with Legat, meticulously crafting a narrative woven around a core theme: design with a human-focused lens. 

This central theme emerged from Legat's mission to underscore their positive impact on their communities and their commitment to enhancing lives. 

To weave the brand's revitalized identity into every aspect of its presence, Art Version also overhauled Legat's marketing materials. This included an updated brand style guide, redesigned collateral templates, modernized business cards, sleek presentation templates, and more.