Affinity Practice

A tablet mobile resolution screen showcasing the home page design.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UX Design

UI/UX Experience for Psychiatry Sector

Affinity Practice, an outpatient psychiatry clinic specializing in therapy and emotional wellness in Illinois, needed a website that reflected its mission.

To achieve this, they engaged ArtVersion to solidify their visual design language and overarching brand story. To encapsulate the design language that the new Affinity Practice website would undertake, ArtVersion applied design thinking methodologies throughout the conceptual and contextual process. This process began by conducting user research on Affinity Practice’s demographic. The clinic’s services were catered to a varied audience—children, adolescents, and adults, therefore ArtVersion crafted a design system that could resonate with everyone.

The tonality took shape with an approachable, contemporary look and feel, while still considering a professional aesthetic. Geographic elements were custom-designed throughout the website with soft edges, to evoke a welcoming feel, while introducing a contemporary visual story that felt unique to Affinity Practice. The graphic components further drove in the welcoming and approachable feel that their stakeholders wanted, and helped steer clear of a static site.

Two people hug while looking at web design for Emotional Health.
A web design page on the "Respect, Trust, and Care" section.
A person holds a coffee cup while interacting with UI web design.

User-Centric Methodologies

The website was a platform for Affinity Practice to garner more traffic and grow its audience to help more individuals in the community in need of mental health.

Therefore, ArtVersion deployed a user-centric perspective for the usability and structural framework of the website. This included strategizing seamless pathways and navigation for easy interactions that allowed users to find their services right away. A contact form was also embedded into the website to allow users to easily get in touch and schedule appointments with the clinic. The ease was further structured by a robust information hierarchy that showcased their services and mission on the home page. Additionally, performance and optimization were further strengthened with a CMS framework that prioritized ease of maintenance and security. In tandem, ArtVersion’s development team also prioritized SEO and meta-data implementation to increase the website’s visibility.

A desktop UI screen web design.
A desktop web design on the About page featuring Dr. Rhian Morcott.
A desktop UI screen featuring custom icons on the Approach page.
A desktop UI web design on the Resources page.

Color Selections

Evoking the welcoming and calming aesthetic that the Affinity Practice team was seeking was achieved with a soft blue and light teal color palette. Light blue evoked serenity and stability, symbolizing an environment where patients feel secure and supported. Light teal combines the refreshing qualities of green and the calming aspect of blue, enhancing feelings of emotional healing and balance. Together, these colors contribute to a therapeutic ambiance that was conducive to professional care and emotional wellness.


The nuanced duality of Playfair and Roboto typefaces were selected as they both balanced approachability and professionalism. Playfair, with its serif design, added a touch of elegance fortifying the clinic's credibility and expertise. Roboto, a clean and modern sans-serif, brought out a more relaxed and accessible feel with readability and a friendly approach. The combination of Playfair's formal authority with Roboto's straightforward simplicity contributed to a unified visual story.

A person holds a mobile phone taking a look at a page for "Dr. Rhian Morcott".
A person holds a mobile phone on an "About" page.
A mobile home page UI web design featuring a kid and a parent.
"Our Beliefs" section of the UI.
A "Services" section of a mobile web design.
A mobile UI featuring a person taking notes and text for context.
A poster ad showcasing a person walking on a road and text for context.
A card that reads "Your Partner in Wellness".

The Outcome

Future-Forward Web Experience

The result of the website offered Affinity Practice a digital presence that helped create increased visibility for their services. The clinic was now equipped with a platform that could help them drive their mission forward of creating a safe, reliable place for mental wellbeing today and into the future.