Flowers and landscaping.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Web Design

The Mission

Scott Byron came to ArtVersion looking for a brand refresh on a multi-platform level, it was important that the messaging aligned through all channels. Scott Byron was looking for a digital presence and cohesive collateral of media assets that focused on the brand narrative.

A landscape architecture logo design on a blurred flower background.
A poster advertisement for a landscape architecture company.
A spread of a brand manual for a landscape architecture company.
Business card design for a landscape architecture company.
A photo collage of landscape architecture imagery.
Rolled landscape architecture plans with logo on a tube.
A field of purple flowers.
A handing drawing a structured brand logo.
A grid layout of branding design for a landscaping company.
Mobile screen displaying the layout design for a landscape architecture company.
A logo on a window for an architecture company.
Branded buttons with monogram logos printed.

Designing For Different Mediums

The Scott Byron company is a full-service landscape design and architecture business that elevates homes and spaces with elegance. The project scope began with a web redesign, brand refresh, and marketing redevelopment with a modernized design language. Part of this initiative included extending brand visual engagement and positioning itself as a design-centric landscape.

The letter "A" in Open Sans Regular.
Open Sans
The letter "A" in Open Sans Bold.
Open Sans
The letter "A" in Proxima Nova Regular.
Proxima Nova
The letter "A" in Proxima Nova Bold.
Proxima Nova


ArtVersion wanted to further emphasize the brand’s sophistication and character down to the granular details of typography. Open Sans, with its open and friendly appearance, was selected because of its readability and inviting feel—perfect for a web presence that encapsulated the company’s customer-centric values. Proxima Nova was also picked to offer a fresh, contemporary typeface with its geometric lines, and wider spacing. Together, the typography variety was tidy, and tied.

Color Selections

With so many colors inspired by nature and landscape themes, the color story was curated to align with Scott Byron’s vision of “Harmony with Nature.” The team utilized the best colors that would complement the overall palette, and this included a coalescence of softer pastels and deeper tones for balance. Present within the branding materials as well as the logo, the overall story evoked a floral and botanical presence.

Lush Landscape
Fresh Fields
Fountain Waters
Lavender Bloom
Soft Sage

Style Guide

Brand Design
A spread of the brand guide bringing emphasis on "Photography".
A "Color Palette" spread of the brand book.
A laptop display of a home page design for a landscape architecture company.

Enhanced Brand Identity

Throughout the design process, the website and brand guide was curated with high-quality visuals that captivated clients, showcasing the company’s portfolio with rich, vibrant colors to highlight its services and expertise. The visual assets were carefully optimized to accentuate their offerings, capturing a luxurious presentation. The overall user experience was designed for seamless navigation, allowing potential clients to effortlessly explore the services available and their gallery of work. Alongside the compelling visuals and intuitive website architecture, the content was developed to resonate with the company’s mission and values as well as SEO best practices, reinforcing its position as a premier landscape architecture firm.

Flat mobile UI digital brochure design.

The Final Outcome

The redesigned website and refreshed brand identity elevated the company’s overall presence, effectively highlighting its stunning landscape projects and visionary approach for both residential and commercial clients. The website transformation captured the innovative vision that drives Scott Byron’s company work. With the updated website, the brand was able to attain a modern digital presence that aligned seamlessly with the contemporary ethos of its designs, ensuring that the site and branding materials mirrored the modernity and quality of its landscape architecture.