Dental Salon

A Fresh Perspective for Audience Discoverability

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Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UX Design
Web Design
A dentist office.
Website shown on a desktop for a dental clinic office.
A web UI shown on a laptop screen of a dental clinic.
Web design displayed on a laptop for a dental clinic.
A website showing financial and insurance options for a of a dental clinic.
A laptop displaying a website of a dental clinic.
A website shown on a laptop screen of a dental clinic office.
UI wireframe and design of a dental clinic office.

Energizing a New Digital Presence with Structure and Style

For Dental Salon, business discoverability and customer engagement were key factors for their website redesign.

Dental Salon, a dentistry in Chicago, was looking to update their digital presence, and to achieve this, ArtVersion helped redesign the look and feel of their website and rethink the structure of pathways. The overall goal was to expand Dental Salon’s audience reach while reflecting their dentistry expertise and services.  The overall website resulted in customer base growth and a digital platform that established their business ethos.

A tablet device showing a website of a dental clinic.
Mission and Vision webpage of a dental clinic office displayed on tablet.

User Experience Elevation

To garner visual engagement within the website, ArtVersion transformed a static presence into a dynamic experience.

A fundamental part of the website redesign was creating a design language that felt fresh and embodied Dental Salon’s quality services. Integration of curated imagery facilitated a fresh feel to the overall site which offered a more approachable and welcoming aesthetic. In addition to the curation and optimization of images, ArtVersion designed custom iconography for navigation cues and to break up content information. The icons and imagery assets were versatile—composed of both sharp and rounded geometric shapes for added dimension and depth. Collectively, these graphic design elements also attained subtle to significant interactivity and movement with custom CSS animation for greater visual engagement.

Intuitive Pathways and Navigation

The overall user experience propelled greater user engagement through intuitive yet simple navigation and user pathways. The experience was fresh and intuitive, allowing potential customers to scroll through and access the information they need to begin the process of making an appointment on any device. Dental Salon was also curious about driving engagement on the backend of their website, thus ArtVersion advised and built out a blog for the website to help bolster SEO with consistently updated content, rich with keywords. To take their SEO rankings even further, the team integrated live ratings and reviews from Google, to highlight their quality services, but also bolster website traffic.

Open sans in light font weight.
Opens Sans
Open sans in regular font weight.
Open Sans
Open sans in bold font weight.
Open Sans


Open Sans, in regular, light, and bold formatting, was the perfect typography selection for Dental Salon's website due to its sophisticated look. Its versatility across various weights and styles allows for a dynamic look while promoting readability and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the website.

Color Selections

A sleek color palette of blue hues was curated utilizing shades like Tranquil Teal and Fresh Mint, complemented by Crystal Pearl for a confident and approachable effect.  These colors evoked a sense of calm and cleanliness, enhancing the overall appeal and sophistication of the Dental Salon's web presence.

Blue Brilliance
Tranquil Teal
Fresh Mint
Crystal Pearl
A billboard design of a dental clinic office.


The overall website presence of Dental Salon provided the company with greater customer engagement. The team's SEO rankings were met with longer traffic metrics. With the robust navigation in place, users were quickly able to make appointments, find their needed service quicker, and receive the ultimate dentistry care.