A Forward-Thinking Alliance

As a trusted medical device design and development firm, Ximedica was on a mission to drive positive change in the world. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, the brand was a major player and healthcare innovator with many unique value propositions. From deployable solutions around robotics and fluid management systems, to digital prototyping and functional testing, to human-centered industrial design – the nature of Ximedica’s services was complex.

They were built on a foundation that meshed world-class engineering with manufacturing. But they were missing a strategic partner that could guide its user experience design strategy and enhance its visual storytelling assets. They called upon ArtVersion for a thoughtful approach to reimagining its identity.

Scope of work included

Vibrant User Experience

At its core, the project focused on transitioning Ximedica into a concise, user-friendly web design that enabled users to navigate and digest detailed information with comfort. After comprehensive market research, ArtVersion positioned wireframe designs to accurately represent Ximedica’s diversity in product categories, highlight key perspectives, and showcase the brand’s pioneering legacy in medical technology.

Gated content on a web-based platform captured balanced user pathways, while a video library paved the way as a cornerstone for organic in-house content. Infographics were scattered across the website to visually depict a narrative that hadn’t been there before. ArtVersion even implemented smart filtering tools to sort Ximedica’s team members with a newfound identity and style.

home header
steps ui ux
video libray
headquarters page
inner page design
med tech solutions

Custom Icons

custom iconography
mobile designs
home mobile uiux
product uiux mobile

Advancing MedTech Aspirations

Ultimately, syncing up with ArtVersion proved to be a pivotal decision for Ximedica. ArtVersion was the force behind Ximedica’s website modernization that still stands out as a success, communicating the precision of its products. The project brought more clarity to Ximedica’s crucial role in an evolving world of medical technology. MedTech would never be the same.