Specializing in research, development and commercialization of medical products, Suisselle identified ArtVersion as a creative partner to refresh and redesign several aspects of their identity and truly reflect the innovative quality of their service offering.

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UI/UX Design Strategies

Using advanced technology and the expertise of scientific minds, Suisselle is continually searching for the most valuable discoveries in the medical community to serve their client base. The brand was well positioned with a strong value proposition but needed optimization in reaching an expanded audience. ArtVersion set forth with a website redesign that was responsive and focused heavily on UI/UX design strategies.

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Site Architecture & Design

The ArtVersion team worked with Suisselle to restructure the site’s architecture to create an experience that allowed the user easy access to detailed product and brand information. The integration of updated photography, a fresh look and feel and intuitive calls to action created a cleaner more user-centered path to conversion across all devices.

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