Brand Refresh

To fully represent its leading-edge software intelligence, Evention needed a complete brand refresh that echoed its innovation, and ArtVersion readily took on that initiative. The collaboration between Evention—an automation and reconciliation software company and ArtVersion was centered around creating a bold and dynamic fin-tech website redesign, marketing collateral materials, and deliverables, along with a brand new logo to align with Evention’s fresh brand identity.

Person holding mobile phone.

UI Design and Graphical Storytelling

The creative art direction completely revamped Evention’s website with a dynamic and sleek design story. Sharp geometric shapes were the main design language for the graphical elements found throughout the website. The sharp edges and sleek customizable iconography highlighted a tech-like tone that the Evention team had envisioned.

The color palette of the design refresh was composed of dark colors that catered to a cutting-edge look and feel that complies with accessibility standards. To accentuate, these colors, graphical elements such as gradient-colored orbs were purposefully embedded and found within marketing collateral and visual communications. Careful image and graphical curation also established the tonality of the overall brand and each area of expertise.

These graphic elements enhanced each webpage structure, conversion pathways, and navigation menus. Propelling a WordPress design that was responsive to mobile, and prioritized usability was also key.

home page top section
home page long scroll 2
Evention simplified fully integrated icons
simplify accounting procresses
Evention layered UI screens globally recognized logos
Evention UI/UX screens with 12 column grid.


Evention Areas of Expertise page
Evention page for flexibility and accuracy total recon
Evention solution benefits and logos mobile
top desktop instaptip screen
Evention mobile screens
ui ux floating mobile devices 2

Design Systems

company logo variations
brand typography
brand color palette

Custom Iconography

orange magenta gradient icons
Employee-empowerment careers icons
blue green gradient icons

Custom Infographic

Integratec recon infographic
Integrated reconciliation infographic
Waiter holding tablet while smiling at the screen.

Dynamic Deliverables

Along with the complete website refresh, all Evention collateral was rejuvenated to align with the digital designs. A cohesive design system was implemented based on the new brand standards. These new assets ranged from brand style guide designs, white paper designs, company brochures, logo designs with a curated tagline, and infographics. ArtVersion also developed templates for the Evention team such as templates for case studies, email communication materials, PowerPoint, and more. These deliverables, along with the website design, elevated Evention’s overall brand identity and visual story that harmonized with their company modernization efforts.

Marketing Print Collateral

Evention print collateral.
white paper visuals
Evention tips and gratuities cover page.
Evention tips and gratuities innerspread.
total recon marketing collateral
print marketing and graphic
person paying with mobile contactless payment.