A recording studio with a person signing in a booth.

Philharmonic Studios—a premier full-service recording studio, was built from the ground up in Vernon Hills, and with its physical location established, its digital presence was a succeeding priority. ArtVersion helped establish a solid foundation for the studio’s brand identity design including logo, brand standards, and UI kit—color palette, typography, and more. Along with digital assets, the team also designed printed deliverables that aligned with the newly established look and feel of envelopes, letterheads, and business cards—all fundamental assets in strengthening a memorable brand presence.

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
Marketing Collateral
UX Design
Web Design
Client logo in gold color.

Design Language

Starting with a clean slate, allowed for fresh opportunities for creative visual language design. The overall web design aesthetic needed to align with the world-class feel that the studio was evoking. This led to a design that embodied a modern, and sleek aesthetic paired with dynamic and bold imagery to visually highlight the unique features of each studio. To further capture the dynamic feel, a 360-map layout of the entire studio, propelled an interactive feel.

The website attained pathways that allowed users to navigate the intricacies of each of the three studios within Philharmonic Studios. Each pathway led to a specific studio room ensuring users had access points to schedule a recording session easily, and efficiently.

A set of desktop wireframes
Top half of a UI screen design.
Top half of a UI screen design.
Studio blueprints and a UI screen design.
UI screen design with various images.
UI screen design.
Philharmonic Phone Screens
Studio floorplans.

Brand Identity

Philharmonic Studio’s brand identity encapsulated the premium feel with bold logo typography. To compliment that look and feel further, the website was designed with a black-and-white theme accompanied by golden accents found throughout the Philharmonic Studios brand standards to ensure a cohesive and recognizable visual identity.

Reception desk.
Client logo for Philharmonic Studios.
Philharmonic Color Palette.
Open Sans typography layout in organic shape and bold and regular.
Custom iconography.
Recording studio in black and white.

Supporting Brand Assets

To help establish a sense of professionalism for the Philharmonic brand, ArtVersion designed a series of brand assets. It was important that all supporting elements had a simple yet engaging look and feel that would appeal to audiences of any age group. With this in mind, ArtVersion designed elegant and clean print assets including envelopes and letterhead as well as a set of business cards with the brand name and tagline prominently featured.

Business cards.
Marketing collateral.
Business cards for Philharmonic Studios.
Business cards.
Business card featuring president of Philharmonic Studios.

The Result

Launching a new business is no simple task. With so many factors at play and important decisions to consider, success is never a guarantee. That’s why it is crucial for businesses to have a strong brand identity in place allowing them to put their best foot forward. Through their collaborations with Philharmonic, ArtVersion was able to deliver a comprehensive brand identity design that would be able to both support and propel the brand to achieving their vision.

Four images of a studio.