Project Disciplines

Design Strategy
UI/UX Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
A diagram chart for a white page report showcased on laptop screen.

UI/UX Design for Leaders in SaaS Contract Management

Evisort, a software company leading the way in end-to-end contract lifecycle management with AI, worked with ArtVersion to design and develop their new website. The overarching goal was to create a user experience that visually evoked a sleek look and feel while highlighting their innovative services. Along with the aesthetic, a future-proof and scalable backend development also took shape, strengthened by clear user pathways and intuitive navigation, the website was developed for usability, accessibility, and a user-centric experience.

Rewards web page on a desktop screen.
Custom icons with copy shown on a laptop screen.
A digital transformation program webpage displayed on a laptop screen.
A website design for a legal tech company shown on a desktop screen.
Client testimonial section shown laptop screen of a legal tech company.
A data infographic with copy displayed on a webpage laptop screen.
A doc of an iPhone screen showcasing an application icon design.

User-Centric Design Language

With the multitude of services and software products that the Evisort company attains, a clear user journey needed to be developed in tandem with a sleek visual language that would reflect that.

The overall goal was to establish a digital presence that engaged users’ attention and allowed them to quickly find what they were seeking to strengthen conversions and connections. ArtVersion’s vision for the design language and UI kits revolved around graphic elements that displayed a high-tech feel. The team designed custom iconography, infographics, and graphic design elements that evoked ingenuity. To further engage users, the infographics were intuitive, interactive, and visually pleasing.

The designs also played off of the duality of shape—balancing sharp edges and curves with smooth and rounded corners to simulate a modern aesthetic. Additionally, all the interactive and visual components of the website were optimized in tandem for mobile and lower resolutions, to further heighten user engagement and traffic. The design and structure allow Evisort to be differentiated in their competitive industry due to their highly advanced AI tech, but also with the newly enhanced digital experience that reflects those services.

3 dimensional icon shape design for a software company.

E-book Design

Digital Publication
An ebook cover design displayed on a tablet digital device.
An ebook page design shown on a tablet screen.
Custom icons for an ebook design shown on a tablet screen.
An ebook design page displayed on a tablet device.

Print and Digital Collateral Design and Development

After the successful launch of Evisort’s new digital presence, ArtVersion continued its collaboration with the team by designing and developing a set of marketing and thought-leadership collateral.

The team designed over 7 unique printed collateral designs that included a range of white papers, one-pagers, and case studies that reflected Evisort’s research and reports. The team accurately created each piece to embody a distinct design language, yet ensured that all designs corresponded with Evisort's web design language to maintain brand uniformity. This allowed for each collateral piece to stand out in its own right while still reflecting the overarching brand identity, ensuring a consistent and cohesive visual narrative across all platforms. For further engagement in the digital age, an eBook was also designed and optimized for the web to spotlight their thought leadership further in a more accessible mode.


Interactive Graphic Design

ArtVersion elevated the digital experience by introducing custom animated graphics and elements, designed specifically for wide distribution across digital platforms. These interactive infographics added motion and dynamism to the content, enriching Evisort's digital presence with engaging visual language. The visuals enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the website and other digital assets while reinforcing Evisort’s position as a leader in leveraging advanced technology for impactful communication. Through these animated elements, Evisort could effectively convey complex information in an accessible and captivating manner, fostering a deeper connection with its audience across other digital platforms as well.

Cover design for a white paper publication.
An open spread of a white paper publication design.
An open spread of a white paper publication design for a machine learning tech company.
An open spread of a white paper publication design for a tech company.
An open spread of a white paper design.
Acumin Pro typeface in various font weights.


Acumin Pro was the cornerstone typography for its versatility and high readability. As a sans-serif font, it worked perfectly across various applications—from hierarchical structures and headings to body text. The font selection was pivotal, ensuring uniformity across all design projects, whether in print or digital formats. Further, Acumin Pro's adaptability ensured that the clarity and legibility of Evisort's messaging remained uncompromised across any medium.

Color Selection

To infuse greater depth and create a more dynamic visual hierarchy—crucial for emphasizing key information and callouts—ArtVersion expanded the color palette with thoughtful precision. Particularly evident in report designs, the introduction of lavender and orange shades complemented their signature blues, enhancing the technological feel with a fresh, contemporary twist. The additional colors were chosen for their compatibility with the existing palette, elevating the aesthetic appeal and reinforcing the modern, innovative ethos of Evisort's brand.

Brand color selections displayed in a striped layout with hex numbers.
Ad designs for a legal tech ai and machine learning company.
An open spread of a white paper publication design.

Unified Visual Campaign

ArtVersion broadened its scope of work to encompass further design and corporate communication objectives for Evisort, particularly for their event, “The Future of Contracting.” Responding to the team’s needs, ArtVersion crafted a suite of promotional materials designed to publicize the event. The collection included tailored speaker and email banners, event signage, sidebar advertisements, curated PowerPoint templates, social media banners, and more, each optimized to engage and captivate the target audience.

The overarching goal of these assets was to ensure brand cohesion while actively driving user and consumer engagement. By prioritizing precision and high-quality visuals, ArtVersion ensured that each piece of collateral effectually communicated the event’s significance and innovation in contracting.

The Outcome

With the launch of a refreshed website and a collection of collateral items aligned with it, the Evisort team unveiled a modern brand identity that marked a significant evolution in their market presence. The result was a modernized and sleek brand aesthetic that commanded authority within the industry and captivated audiences with its visual appeal and professionalism.