ArtVersion Recognized as a Leading UX Design Company by UpCity

ArtVersion, a premier user experience and interface design agency, has been honored as one of the top UX Design Companies by UpCity, a reputable marketplace that connects businesses with trusted web design and digital marketing service providers. This prestigious recognition is a testament to ArtVersion’s commitment to blending form and function in creating exceptional user experiences across both print and digital mediums.


For over two decades, ArtVersion has been at the forefront of the design industry, offering innovative solutions that empower brands to engage their audiences more effectively. With a user-centered approach, the agency has continually demonstrated its expertise in crafting intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs that resonate with users and drive business success.

“Being recognized by UpCity as a leading UX design company is a significant achievement for us,” said Goran Paun, Principal and Creative Director at ArtVersion. “This accolade reflects our team’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and our unwavering commitment to delivering designs that not only look great but also provide meaningful and engaging user experiences.”

ArtVersion’s award-winning team specializes in a comprehensive range of design services, including brand strategy, web design, graphic design, and interactive media. Their holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the user’s journey is considered, from initial concept through to final implementation, resulting in cohesive and impactful brand experiences.

Excellence in Print and Digital Design

UpCity’s recognition highlights ArtVersion’s ability to excel in UX design for both print design and digital platforms. By harmoniously integrating visual elements with functional design, ArtVersion creates immersive experiences that enhance user satisfaction and loyalty, setting their clients apart in the competitive digital landscape.

“We’re proud to include ArtVersion in our list of top UX Design Companies for their outstanding contributions to the field of user experience design,” said Dan Olson, CEO of UpCity. “Their work exemplifies the power of combining aesthetics with usability to create meaningful graphic design and digital experiences that drive engagement and results.”

As ArtVersion continues to push the boundaries of design and user experience, this recognition from UpCity serves as a reminder of the agency’s role as a leader in the design community and its contribution to setting industry standards for excellence.

About ArtVersion:

ArtVersion is a Chicago-based creative agency focused on branding, graphic design, and user experience design for both print and digital media. With a global client base, ArtVersion is dedicated to transforming brands through strategic design that effectively communicates and resonates with target audiences.

About UpCity

UpCity is a leading online marketplace that connects businesses with qualified agencies and digital marketing service providers. The platform provides transparent, reliable reviews and ratings to help businesses make informed decisions when selecting partners for their digital marketing needs.