Web Design for eCommerce is Different

Web design is always interesting topic that people of all backgrounds and interests seem to be exploring. What’s interesting to see online and throughout publications is the amount of people that seem to know what they are doing when it comes to web design.

Yes, some of the items in technology are easy to emulate and design, however, not all components behave or react the same way, and trying to find a platforms and frameworks that works with eCommerce web development can really derail a lot of web designers. Consider a few tips and tricks when considering updating design criteria for any online store, and notice the nuances that are completely different than other forms of design.

The first thing to remember is that user interface design is not the same when considering eCommerce web development. When designing informational websites there is a certain attention to details, esthetic and design hierarchy that is not what the purpose of an online store is. That is why most online stores are not filled with large paragraphs of text on each page, but rather offer pertinent information for the end user, specifically looking at giving options for them to analyze in regards to making a purchase of some kind. While standard web design empowers people with information to use at a later time, eCommerce Web design should give enough information to empower consumers to buy something, and not just leave with the information.

When designing things for eCommerce web site, it’s important to also remember that loading is a concern. Website pages need to load faster in an online store setting than many other websites. Because a person is looking to make a purchase, and get on with their days, it’s important to have all assets free and easily optimized for even the slower internet connections. If a person can not load a page with a product, they will not buy it. The point of eCommerce is to sell items to people online, and a fast loading page can make the transaction faster.

Clear and concise hierarchy is necessary when looking at User Interface Design of all types. This is especially true for companies with online stores. A user has to know how to find the product they want to buy, how to search for it, and how to purchase it, without having to read a manual.