Typography is one of the most essential elements of a successful design, whether it’s a web site design, brochure or even a business card. The use of good typography in the slightest manner in a specific  design makes the design as a whole more effective in what its trying to convey to the audience/user.

Typography plays a couple of roles in completing a design and making it successful. One of the roles is to establish good visual hierarchy to helps lead readers eyes through the design. Also provides visual punctuation and graphic accents which helps relate the images and text.

Using typography sparingly and in a simple readable way will have more of an impact than being used everywhere with fancy fonts. Contrast between the font and the background allows the font to stand out and be readable.

It is not necessary to use a fancy font to make a design look good but it is important to use the correct font, with the correct design in order to have a cohesive design. A simple font can be just as effective a an image/ graphic. A font can be more effective depending on placement, color, size and use of white space.

A successful and effective design does not always have to have graphics and images, but just the good use of simple text can make the piece stand out just as well.