Nonprofit Website Design Tips

Designing for a nonprofit website is not entirely different than designing a for profit business site, but there are subtle differences that should be kept in mind.

When you are a nonprofit, there is an expectation that the company should not be over-the-top or flashy. This applies to your website as well. It needs to be effective without being ostentatious. It needs to show the passion for its cause and elicit emotion without turning visitors off by being flashy and obvious.

Here are a three design tips for producing a nonprofit site that is effective without being flashy.

1. Think outside the box

The most important thing a nonprofit site can do is connect emotionally with its visitors. Think of interesting and unique ways to elicit an emotional response and gain the trust of those who are visiting the site. However, when thinking outside the box, make sure to still avoid the flashy and gimmicky ideas.

2. Include a mission statement and history

Let your visitor know right away what you want to accomplish and how you’ve been trying to meet your goals. You want to let them know your level of dedication and what sets you apart.

3. Include a blog or newsfeed

As a nonprofit you are constantly working toward a goal. Whether it’s to stop global warming, provide clean water to the world, or educate students more effectively, you are constantly working toward that goal. So make sure visitors can see that. Keep a blog of all the events you’ve attended or thrown, and have a place to detail what is going on in your industry. News updates that are targeted toward your area give you authority and urgency.

As always, these are just a few of the more important tips, but we really just covered the tip of the iceberg. What did we not cover that you think is important?