4 branded juice bottles stacked on top of each other.

Project Disciplines

Brand design
Web design
Graphic design
Packaging design
Juice bottles lined up for visual interest to be featured on website design and development.

A Fresh Spin on Blend's Flavor Campaign

Blend, a pressed juice company, was seeking a design for a marketing campaign to spotlight their fresh line of juice flavors.

The team reached out to ArtVersion to design a minimalist, yet contemporary packaging design that would offer a unique take on their branding for this particular campaign. To achieve this, ArtVersion curated a branding ecosystem that was integrated across various channels, including the juice bottles’ packaging, digital marketing initiatives, and personalized design elements for both promotional and retail items.

ArtVersion conceived a streamlined packaging concept that spotlighted the natural ingredients within each juice, featuring a tailored graphic symbol for the key fruit flavor in each variety. The simplicity behind the modern aesthetic captivated Blend’s target audience. Concurrently, ArtVersion strategized and employed a digital marketing strategy aimed at bolstering the visibility of the new juice line to help drive sales and conversions. The campaign was enriched with custom photography that highlighted the brand’s energetic color palette and lively character, for a consistent and engaging presence across social media and marketing materials.

Paper bags design for a pressed juice company.
4 juice bottles with various fruit in front of them.
A juice shop website home page on a laptop screen.

UI Screens

Web Design
A desktop UX screen of a home screen for a juice company.
A desktop UX screen of a menu screen for a juice company.
A desktop UX screen of a product screen for a juice company.
A contact form UX design for a juice company.
A UX screen of a blog for a juice company.
A digital screen of an online store for a juice company.
A digital menu screen showcasing a juice menu.

Responsive Design

A mobile UX screen of a home screen for a juice company.
A mobile UX screen of a menu screen for a juice company.
A mobile UX screen of a menu screen for a juice company.
A mobile UX screen of a login screen for a juice company.
A mobile UX screen of a blog screen for a juice company.
Custom logo design for juice company featured on a building's exterior signage.
A bottle of lemon juice with various fruits surrounding it.
A bottle of green apple juice surrounded by green fruits.
A bottle of strawberry juice surrounded by fruit.
Macinac typeface in regular.
P22 Mackinac Pro
Macinac typeface in bold.
P22 Mackinac Pro
Roboto font in regular
Brandon Grotesque
Brandon typeface in bold.
Brandon Grotesque


Brandon Grotesque and P22 Mackinac Pro provided a fresh typography pairing for Blend’s modern, contemporary look and feel due to their style. Brandon Grotesque, with its geometric sans-serif design, offered a clean and modern aesthetic that ArtVersion was seeking. Its legibility and sleek lines conveyed sophistication and professionalism, appealing to a contemporary audience with quality and style.

Additionally, P22 Mackinac Pro bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary serifs, providing versatility with its range of weights and styles. Its human-centered qualities add a touch of approachability, suggesting the natural and wholesome attributes of the juice products.

Color Selections

ArtVersion curated a color palette that encapsulated the vibrancy and personality behind Blend, with colors that mimicked the brightness of fruits, juices, and a tropical feel. The colors also showcased Blend’s new product range, inspired by zesty citrus fruits and lively hues. Not only was it a deliberate choice to play off the fruit colors, but it also drew attention from consumers in a retail setting as they shop, to catch their eye.

Complementing the vivid backdrop of the juices, the packaging design incorporates white transparent visuals that stand out with crisp clarity, ensuring that the colors of the juice provide a compelling contrast which also inspired the color palette selection for the digital campaign.

Green Apple
Tropical Tangerine
Berry Burst
Lemon Squeeze
Kiwi Green
Watermelon Blush
Business card and collateral design for branding.
Woman wearing a hoodie with a juice company logo on it.
A laptop screen showcasing UX design of a juice website.
4 juice bottles with various fruit in front of them.