Exelon Corporation

An office mural with line illustrations.

Exelon Corporation embarked on a bold, new mission: to reimagine energy for people and the planet. They appointed ArtVersion to lead a design that helped bring this vision to life.

Elevating a Brand Ecosystem

The collaboration with Exelon Corporation was a layered project collaboration that included designs that spanned from collateral materials—banners, swag, handbooks, and more, to UI/UX development, social media assets, and responsive design and development. All aligning together in a cohesive brand ecosystem and an elevated design language.

A desktop illustration on a laptop.
Social media posts design concepts.

Color Selections

The color selections adhered to Exelon's established brand standards, however, their usage was incorporated creatively throughout each initiative to offer a new visual edge. Whether for greater emphasis in collateral or incorporated throughout logo gradients, the color palette felt fresh every time.

Navy Blue
Royal Blue

Responsive UI

Dynamic Innovation
A mobile UX screen introducing brand pillars.
A mobile UX screen of a map of the Chicago area.
A mobile UX screen introducing brand vision.
A mobile UX screen introducing company personality.
Energy company billboard on a sunny day.
Model management handbook inner spread.
The management model handbook cover slightly opened showing a page.
Layout spread of handbook models.
Two page spread of management model.
Grateful for the swift and amazing work that has significantly contributed to our growth in partnerships and branding across the company. Thank you for all you do!
Senior Brand and Advertising Specialist

Custom Icons

Pattern of safety icons and graphic design.
A t-shirt with exelon branded light bulb on it.
CADERA erg logo in white.
Emac erg logo in white.
PRIDE erg logo in white.
An erg logo featuring a mosaic.
NATIVE logo in white.
ECO white erg logo.
An erg logo in white.
A erg logo in white.
Cadera logo white.
An erg logo for a client that features a globe and hands beneath it.
Logo in white.
ASIA erg logo in white.