UI/UX design for language coaching company.
Person holding tablet in header image for UI screen.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Web Design
Person looking at infographic on a laptop.

Lingo Live, a skills-based coaching company was seeking modernization and professionalism across their UI/UX design and collateral, all with a creative, lively twist.

UI Screens

Dynamic Aesthetics
Group of people collaborating.
Employees Working Together.
Custom Icons UI Screen.
Text and Smiling Person on Yellow Background.
UI screen showing various brand statistics.

Dynamic Design That Emboldens Leaders of Tomorrow

ArtVersion's creative concepting evolved into a bespoke design language that captured Lingo Live's authority in their industry.

From the intricacies of UI/UX design to the artistry of graphic design and brand materials, the visual story evoked the energy of Lingo Live's new brand direction, resulting in a seamlessly integrated design ecosystem. Playful shapes, animations, color palettes, graphic design, and typography, each detail was purposefully optimized. All assets additionally underwent muti-device testing for a robust user experience.

Custom iconography with a person smiling on a blue background.

Custom Iconography

Spanning digital and print platforms, custom iconography was crafted to enrich content-dense sections with visual appeal. This iconography enhanced the brand's vibrant, energetic tone, distinguishing it from conventional icons that might deter the newly established aesthetic. 

Print Design

The content from Lingo Live, indicative of their industry leadership, was entrusted to the design team to visually narrate their message. The team adeptly translated this into a diverse range of materials, from sales decks and social ads to the structured elegance of white paper layouts. Each piece of content was enhanced with visuals that integrated with the text, reinforcing the narrative.

Green and black custom icons for Lingo Live.
A person smiles looking up in a photoshopped image with clouds and shapes.
Cover page designs featuring people smiling.
Coworkers Smiling and Working Together.

Color Palette

Lingo Live's color palette combines a light blue with vibrant gold,  and soft teal. The blue represents innovation and trust, while the warm gold signifies excellence. The overall palette created a welcoming and engaging atmosphere, embodying Lingo Live's commitment to dynamic and effective language coaching.

Bright Gold
Light Blue
Light Gray
Tempest text semibold A.
Tiempos Text
Apercu Light.
Apercu regular a characters.
Apercu Bold.


Apercu was selected for its modern and versatile typeface designed to make a bold statement in both print and digital contexts. With its clean lines, geometric shapes, and carefully crafted letterforms, Apercu struck a balance between sophistication and simplicity. 

Thank you, for all the work your team has done to help us bring our brand to a point where it speaks to and shows trust for enterprise businesses. Unlike other agencies I truly feel you all have become a part of the team and the quick response that you all have to any ask shows that.
-VP Marketing
Smiling Colleagues Looking at Computer Yellow Background.