An Actionable Purpose

With air pollution the single biggest environmental health crisis facing society, human quality of life is inherently compromised. But BreezoMeter doesn’t stand still. Rather, the brand had a courageous ambition to be a part of the solution.

Based in Haifa, Israel, BreezoMeter is a champion of awareness about air pollution with a deep commitment to educating audiences about the threats of unclean air. BreezoMeter’s mission of healthier communities and breathable air was applicable to worldwide audiences, and they had all the statistics to prove it. A whopping 92% of the world’s population was living in a territory with dangerous air pollution.

With a goal of reaching more than 6 billion people (85% of the world’s population) living in regions where air quality guidelines were poor, it was time for a re-imagination of its data. The message of improving air quality guidelines was clear, although the strategy on echoing that message needed a boost. BreezoMeter’s team needed a trusted ally to communicate the right information and inform about the implications of its data. That’s where ArtVersion came into play.

Scope of work included

ResearchStrategyGraphic DesignContent AnalysisData Visualization

Modernizing a Call-to-Action

Fueled by bold insights to change the world, ArtVersion and BreezoMeter proceeded with an eye-catching campaign that would rejuvenate a sense of urgency about the need for healthier air quality and accurate environmental projections.

After thoughtful content analysis, market research and style development, ArtVersion’s creative direction came through with a unique way of displaying these insights via print and digital materials that simplified the intricacies of BreezoMeter’s data. These materials included a brochure and life-sized step and repeat banner for marketing events. In the process, ArtVersion swiftly enhanced BreezoMeter’s brand identity with a refreshed color scheme and dynamic curated visuals that led to an engaging storytelling narrative.

data visualizations
data visualization

An Exercise in Data Visualization

Facilitating in-depth information to neutral audiences clearly and concisely can be a major challenge for brands without the design capabilities to make it happen. Summarizing complex data and pinpointing relevant statistics can be cumbersome if there isn’t a visual element spicing it up. That’s why, more than anything, the project’s success relied on ArtVersion’s approach to data visualization.

ArtVersion crystallized iconography, playful line graphs and pie charts, and vibrant heat maps depicting the risks of pollutant concentrations. As a result, timely trends that were previously hidden emerged.

data visualization

Tactful Lead Generation

The newly designed assets, which were first displayed at critical industry events, breathed life into BreezoMeter’s air quality data. ArtVersion’s data visualization methods shed light on the wide range of industries and economic sectors correlated with air quality – from real estate to cosmetics to insurance and others. The campaign posed an “awareness” factor that BreezoMeter didn’t have before, resulting in several new client leads and contract closings for the brand following launch.

print design
brochure design
print design
brochure design
print design
print design

Developing a Creative Edge

With millions of deaths linked to air pollution annually, BreezoMeter was focused on changing the course of carbon usage and toxic pollutants by “making the invisible, visible.” With ArtVersion’s guidance, mainly through intensive discovery and content analysis, BreezoMeter became equipped with all the tools to sound off on a message urging a recognition of how often air quality changes and how human behavior must shift to adapt to the environmental health crisis.

The Result

With a newfound identity and several creative assets that not only informed but also excited, BreezoMeter was ready to charge forward in conquering the risks of air pollution. The campaign and creative direction by ArtVersion unified BreezoMeter’s objectives and magnified rightful global concerns about air pollution. Maybe most importantly, the project established relevant touchpoints for people across the globe to take action and be safe. In ArtVersion, BreezoMeter found a right-fit partner that could leverage the power of its data and bring it to life.