Climate Interactive

A person giving a presentation.

Website development and brand identity for leaders in equitable climate change solutions.

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
UI/UX design
Web Design
A laptop and phone with a UI design for a website homepage.

Website Design and Development

Climate Interactive, rooted in the field of system dynamics modeling, provides companies, communities, and leaders with accessible tools and strategies to improve their strategies for climate change action.

Climate Interactive collaborated with ArtVersion to create a website that effectively highlighted their initiatives, reflecting a contemporary and welcoming aesthetic. Recognizing the breadth of critical strategies, accomplishments, publications, and additional contributions of Climate Interactive, the website’s architecture was carefully organized.

The design emphasized visual hierarchy and modularity, ensuring that content was easily navigable and strategically presented. Carefully crafted user journeys drove engagement with multi-media content for a coherent user experience that embodied the organization’s core objectives.

A desktop web design featuring a background image of people working in groups.
A desktop web design featuring three organic shapes with images of people inside.
A UI design featuring three different shaped images of people working.
A desktop web design for a FAQ page.
A desktop web design for a contact form with an organic shaped image of northern lights.
A poster laying against a wall with a logo on it.

Responsive Design

A mobile web design featuring a news section with an image and a read more button.
A mobile web design with a background image of a map.
A mobile UI design for a donation page.
A mobile UI for a website with a background image of clouds and a gallery of three different images of people.
A mockup of a mug with a company logo on it.

Color Palette

Within the design system, the color story added a fresh layer of vibrancy as well as evoked a welcoming feel. Leaning more toward bright “nature-like” tones, the color palette hues worked aesthetically with each other, while also evoking the nuance of sustainability through the utilization of each tone.

Eco Green
Earth's Shadow
Stormy Sky
Glacier Ice
Sea Glass
Forget-Me-Not Blue
The letter "A" in Open Sans font style.
Open Sans
The letter "A" in Bebas Neue font style.
Bebas Neue


Open Sans and Bebas Neue proved to be ideal choices for the Climate Interactive website. These typefaces were picked for their high readability and scalability across various devices and browsers, ensuring a consistent user experience. Given their widespread availability, selecting these fonts also contributed to ease of use in design implementation, making them excellent choices for the project.

A stack of business cards with a company logo on it and a green fabric background.

Logo Design

ArtVersion’s graphic design team curated a logo design that embodied Climate Interactive’s core mission and goals. Although the focus was on the organization’s name, the incorporation of arrows was an added flare. The arrows were symbolic of many facets such as representing progression and change in climate action, guidance toward renewal and regeneration, and interconnectivity of nature and human action. The color choices were tied into the newly established color palette.

A company logo.
A company logo with marked guidelines for implementation.
Four different color variations of the same logo.
A banner hanging from the ceiling with a company logo.

The Result

An optimized, future-proof website 

The website UI/UX experience was a well-structured and optimized online presence, effectively highlighting Climate Interactive's contributions to climate change action. It served as a dynamic platform that advanced its mission and captivated visitors with its visually appealing and professionally curated experience.