A coffee bag with the client's logo super imposed on it.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UX Design

Web Design and Branding for a Chicago-based Coffee House

Drip Coffee, an up-and-coming coffee house in Chicago, was in the midst of constructing its newest coffeehouse and was ready to focus on its branding.

Although the company had the blueprints for its physical coffee house, the plans for its branding and design language needed to be designed. The local coffeehouse came to the ArtVersion team to solidify their branding identity with a distinctive logo and develop a website that would help grow their audience base and engagement. ArtVersion helped their team with a design language built from the ground up just in time for their grand opening.

A home page UI design on a display monitor.
The drink menu section of the home page UX/UI web design.
A tablet display on the home page of the UX/UI design.

Establishing a Future-proof Web Presence

ArtVersion built Drip Coffee’s web identity to coordinate with the company’s vision: a platform rich with large imagery and bold colors while remaining simple to navigate.

ArtVersion utilized isolated images of appetizing menu items and coffee drinks throughout the site for fun visual assets, and in conjunction with the bright vivid colors, it took Drip Coffee’s vision to new heights. Within the backend structure of the website, ArtVersion also incorporated categorization and taxonomies that helped organize the CMS backend with menu items, location details, hours, and more—with simplicity for the Drip Coffee team to be able to edit and change menu items around themselves once the website was launched.

Three mobile UI screens on different sections of the homepage.
A mobile UI design on the home page.
"Our Story" section of the mobile UX web design.
A drink menu mobile UX/UI design.

Custom Logo Design

While Drip Coffee had already chosen and registered its name, they were in search of a visual face to accompany it.

Granting ArtVersion full creative control, their sole directive was simplicity and efficacy, steering clear of elaborate graphics in favor of a minimalist aesthetic. Rising to the occasion, ArtVersion concentrated on leveraging color and typography, crafting a logo that captured attention through its bold, contemporary font and vibrant color scheme. The addition of a subtle droplet graphic introduced an element of visual interest, maintaining simplicity while hinting at the potential for future animation or dynamic movement. The balance of minimalism and distinctiveness gave Drip Coffee a memorable and adaptable visual identity.

The client's logo on signage outdoors.
A person holding coffee beans.
A person pours cream into a cup filled with coffee.

Color Selections

ArtVersion devised a color palette for Drip Coffee that redefined calmness and warmth, steering away from the conventional coffee-associated hues. This was a purposeful decision that helped distinguish Drip Coffee in a crowded market and redefine comfort and tranquility through the use of vibrant colors. These carefully selected pops of color helped establish a logo that was both playful and contemporary, maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. Color was a flexible tool that allowed Drip Coffee's brand to capture attention and convey a unique sense of coziness, setting a new standard for how warmth is visually communicated in the coffee industry.


Brandon Grotesque as the typography was an ideal choice for encapsulating the modern look Drip Coffee aimed for. The font added a fresh, contemporary aesthetic, aligning perfectly with the company’s vision. Its versatility was a key factor, for consistency and appeal across various applications, including packaging, logo design, and the digital website. Brandon Grotesque's clean lines and modern flair reinforced the brand's identity, enhancing the overall design strategy with its adaptability and stylish appearance.

Three coffee cups with client's logo superimposed on them.
The front side of a coffee cup with coffee beans surrounding it.
Coffee bean grounds surround the packaging design.

Brand Focused Packaging Design

With a logo now in place, ArtVersion also curated design mockups and concepts for their coffee bag packaging.

The coffeehouse sells its own artisan roasted coffee beans on location, and the team curated a design that highlighted the logo and introduced an innovative and distinctive design approach not commonly seen in the market. The team was prepped with a design that would make a memorable impression during their grand opening, inviting the world to experience their delectable coffee.

A coffee bag with the client's logo super imposed on it.
The coffee packaging design is oblique left.
The front and side angle of the coffee packaging design.
The right side of a package design for a coffee company.

The Outcome

Drip Coffee was now equipped with a distinct and personalized design language that set them apart in the coffee industry. With a logo and website completed ahead of their grand opening, they had sufficient time to prepare signage, packaging, and other branding materials. The collaboration with ArtVersion helped create a branding ecosystem that allowed Drip Coffee to be fully prepared to make a memorable introduction to the market and ready to share its unique coffee experience with the world, one cup at a time.