The Rise Of A Leading Sport Investment Brand

A Speedometer.

Project Disciplines

UX Design
Web Design


EVO challenged ArtVersion to craft a dynamic website that would engage sports fans while inspiring them to become athlete investors. Through sharp imagery, powerful storytelling and purposeful web design that honed in on a seamless user experience from beginning to end, ArtVersion skillfully executed in order to convert fans into investors.

A racecar.

Emerging Brand

It all began with a unique vision to change the way rabid sports fans not only engage with teams but also promote the long-term success of athletes. EVO paired with ArtVersion to bring their vision and messaging to life, providing rising athletes with a platform to build momentum for their future and turning passionate sports fans into “fanvestors” that meaningfully contribute to athletes’ success. Defined by strategic product placement, polished brand design elements and powerful visuals representing a synonymity with cutting-edge lifestyle sports brands, ArtVersion helped champion EVO’s brand narrative and revolutionize an identity solidifying their stamp on the sports landscape.

A wireframe screen design.
A Wireframe screen design.
A wireframe screen design.
A car racing.
An empty club.
A desktop screen design.
A desktop screen design for a website.

Activated For Success

For an emerging brand like EVO to pull off a successful leap into the sports & lifestyle space, a complex strategy with multiple touchpoints engaging the user would be imperative. ArtVersion defined clear goals for design by implementing a killer content strategy and crucial brand identifiers aligning with EVO’s mission in order to make a memorable splash and, ultimately, convert sports fans from average spectators into enthusiastic investors.

A desktop web design.
A desktop web design.
A desktop web design.
A desktop web design.