Advancing the Pace of Discovery

As an industry leader in enabling verifiable science, Gilson utilizes its manufacturing capabilities to engineer application-based instruments that assure data accuracy and enhanced research outcomes. With this goal, Gilson partnered with ArtVersion to design an optimized user interface that would exemplify its trusted expertise within the scientific community.

Scope of work included

Marketing Campaigns

To enhance the visibility of Gilson’s wide range of scientific resources, the ArtVersion team strategized several marketing campaigns which were to be implemented within the SciNote publication as well as in general advertisements. Designing full and side-page layouts for both web and print ads, ArtVersion highlighted Gilson’s capabilities within the scientific field in an effort to increase web traffic and propel the Gilson name within the industry.

full spread ad
full page ad
half page ad
magazine ad1

UI Design Strategy

Gilson’s expertly crafted sample preparation tools are at the core of data accuracy. With a clean user interface design integrating intentional user journeys and pathways, Gilson's trusted industry expertise was on full display. The end-result allowed scientists to effortlessly secure their desired research solution.

science ui ux
shop ui ux
science ui ux2
mobile ui ux

Web Banner Designs

web ads
web ad ui ux1
web ad ui ux3
web ad ui ux2

The Result

Making lab life easier for research scientists begins with providing reliable service. Taking that into consideration, the ArtVersion team worked closely alongside Gilson to develop optimized user interface and experience web layouts, as well organize as a comprehensive marketing campaign strategy inclusive of web banner designs and advertisements. Combined with all the executed assets, ArtVersion elevated Gilson’s valuable position in advancing scientific discovery.