The Solution

A trusted supplier with national visibility in the hospitality industry, Hapco-Elmar manufactures American-made amenity products for reputable hotel chains across the country. With state-of-the-art production capabilities and customized solutions, Hapco-Elmar engineers several collections of specialized amenity products that leave a lasting impression on businesses and guests.

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Scope of work included


The key to creating a lasting impression began with the imagery. ArtVersion captured the top quality of Hapco-Elmar’s handcrafted products through crisp, high-definition photography that served as a testament to the brand’s value within the industry. Instilling trust in the Hapco-Elmar brand, ArtVersion presented polished imagery sure to grab attention.

catalog cover
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Showcasing the wide variety of Hapco-Elmar’s hospitality solutions, ArtVersion organized a thorough layout highlighting each product and their unique features. Implementing a cohesive visual style and consistent messaging, the design succeeded in communicating a sense of sophistication associated with the Hapco-Elmar brand.

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