A Digital Rejuvination

Heritage Werks is a leading organization specializing in archiving, digitizing, programming development and interactive services offerings for a wide range of industries, including sports, fashion brands, entertainment and corporations. Following an earlier partnership with the organization to help unite two independent companies into a unified merger, we were tasked to execute a website redesign and enhanced brand identity for this talented team of archival experts to share their services with the public.

Scope of work included

Creating The Framework

Heritage Werks’s vast areas of expertise required a website that could support the communication and visualization of their services in a way that was focused and clearly defined. ArtVersion started the redesign process with the creation of wireframes that illustrated improved user interface and journeys with simplified navigation and content strategy. The presentation of brand identity provided a strong fundamental framework to expand digital assets and design.

home wireframe
services wireframe
digital assets wireframe

Designing The Experience

By utilizing and enhancing Heritage Werks’s existing brand guidelines, we designed a user experience that intuitively guided the audience through each component of the organization. Font treatments that married italics with bold uppercase lettering and strong color usage created a clear contrast between narrative and imagery for a user experience that was engaging and organically encouraged continued navigation throughout the site.

header home slider
3d photography
larger than life
full page ui ux
long page ui ux design
mobile screens uiux
lower resolution screens

Capturing The Identity

ArtVersion conducted a comprehensive photoshoot tailored to the client, where we were able to show the organization’s workplace and visual identity that included a wealth of physical objects among their existing archives. Detailed shots of historic pieces gave the user a first hand understanding of the organization’s services and areas of expertise and showcased the uniqueness of the industries they worked within. Custom iconography creatively expressed illustrative representations of their services and aligned with the professionalism and singularity of their overall brand.

company signage logo
red pegasus head
football helmet
hockey pucks
helmet jersey bobblehead
awards and trophies
hall of archives

Custom Iconography

blue custom icons
white custom icons

A Successful Rebrand

Heritage Werks was motivated to modernize their digital space to remain competitive in the landscape, and our partnership with their team resulted in a website that would confidently tell the story of their work, leadership and passion for the archival industry.