The Challenge

With a shift in the way students are taught necessary skills to succeed in modern careers, along with a shift in the way students want to be taught, educational technology and its delivery of correlated content looms large.The world turns with more data and information than ever before. Processing this information can be challenging for both dedicated students and driven educators. Comprehensive solutions are needed to satisfy the demands of both audiences. When ArtVersion was approached by InventorCloud, a vision for re-imagined content delivery emerged.

As a division of Palmer Hamilton company, InventorCloud and its sophisticated STEM curriculum, was on a mission to build a sustainable way and relevant educational concepts to students in the form of a best-in-class interactive educational experience. InventorCloud specializes in experiential “maker spaces” for the K-12 and college market. Maker spaces are at the forefront of “hands-on” learning initiatives, rich with next-gen educational tools and indicative of a new era of tech-oriented knowledge sharing. InventorCloud had a web application loaded with information. From laser cutters and 3D printers, to CNC mills and robotic arms, instructional content had to be positioned strategically within information architecture that outlined course objectives and spoke to its audiences about these objectives clearly. InventorCloud’s intent was to scale the app and simplify project lifecycles, while maintaining current subscribers. The content facilitation process had to be seamless and intuitive to elevate user experience – for students, independent users and educators alike. They had a vision to make complex projects more fluid and easy to grasp for these audiences. In ArtVersion, InventorCloud identified a collaborative partner with the unique expertise to bring this vision to life.

Logo Design

logo design

Strategy Integrity

InventorCloud’s interactive application was to be unlike other learning content systems in user experience, functionality and aesthetics. It had to appear fresh and operate like a workbook where the user (whether student, independent user or educator) would gravitate towards relevant content, involuntarily remaining in control of the entire experience.

ArtVersion delicately crafted an integrated digital learning environment comprised of extraordinary data-driven design elements and a sharp, responsive interface. Signing up for InventorCloud’s subscription-based services became streamlined, as ArtVersion’s development experts incorporated a three-tier approach on the back-end that allowed for students, educators and independent studies to absorb carefully tailored and relatable content transparently. Without traditional access to the benefits of a classroom, independent users could tap into customized learning opportunities that were shaped to meet the needs of the environment in which they participate.

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about wireframe web design
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wireframes UI UX Design
wireframes UI UX Design

Educational Excitement

One of the application’s catalysts was its exquisite advanced custom fields, allowing educators with unprecedented flexibility to manage courses and diversify content while keeping the interface inviting, inclusive and engaging. The web design interface was bolstered by customized transition features and video animations that introduced course topics with a dash of branding. Progress bars keep users apprised of course status in real-time. For students, this means adding confidence with every click. For educators, this means being there every step of the way.

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Customized Video Animation

feature video

Custom Icon Illustrations

custom icon graphics2
custom icon graphics

Packaging Design

packaging dieline
packaging design

The Result

With a deep legacy of engaging learners and empowering educators through inspired web design and user experiences, ArtVersion remains a leader in forward-thinking innovation that pushes creative boundaries. This time, it was on the heels of a formidable InventorCloud curriculum and STEM movement that has accelerated on a global scale. Delivering and facilitating educational content that evokes emotion requires close adherence to data-driven practices, along with an innate understanding of users’ behavioral implications. With the plethora of web applications available to users, igniting user confidence with functionality and maintaining subscriptions with usability is no small feat.

Consistency in user experience yields transformative results. ArtVersion helped InventorCloud deliver a revolutionary eLearning experience defined by remarkable transparency between students and educators. The project succeeded with newfound clarity about the “maker space” movement, as well as its topics and objectives, for all kinds of audiences.