Kid creating robot with 3d pen.

InventorCloud aimed for a standout learning app with a user-friendly, workbook-style interface for easy content engagement and control.

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
UX design
Web Design

e-Learning Experiences

Balanced Design
Empower educators, engaging students section of UI UX Design for an educational organization.
Explore our projects section and tiles for an educational organization.
Learning Resources and Variable Outcomes section of UI/UX Design for educational organization.
UI/UX Design for educational organization.
Pen Pal letters section of UI/UX design.

Logo Design

To solidify InventorCloud's position as a leading app for students and educators, the brand's logo underwent strategic refinement. The enhancement featured bold typography, which reinforced them as an authoritative and professional identity, aligning with the interactive technology that the app boasts.

Client logo in white and blue.
Custom iconography graphics.

Custom Icons 

Custom iconography was developed purposefully as micro interactive elements for engagement and ease of use. Each icon was detailed and contextually designed.

UI/UX design for an educational organization.

Next-Gen Learning with Interactive Development

ArtVersion and InventorCloud partnered to revolutionize content delivery in education, providing comprehensive solutions for navigating information challenges.

In a data-abundant world, processing information poses challenges for students and educators alike, necessitating comprehensive solutions that ArtVersion and InventorCloud aimed to address through their collaborative vision for re-imagined content delivery.

This was achieved through a focus on back-end development that focused on user experience for both learners and educators, seamless functionality, a choreography of aesthetics, and accessibility. The overall purpose echoed at the core of the project: how can e-learning spark new levels of excitement in education? 

Course-Ready Innovation for SaaS Industry

ArtVersion crafted an integrated digital learning environment comprised of data-driven design elements and a sharp, responsive interface. Signing up for InventorCloud’s subscription-based services became streamlined, as ArtVersion’s development experts incorporated a three-tier approach on the back end that allowed for students, educators, and independent studies to absorb carefully tailored content and bolster retention rates.

Mobile Optimized

Harmonious Design
Stem educational interface.
My course section of UI.
Learning outcomes section of stem education interface.
Introductory video outlines on Stem educational interface.
Your profile section of stem education interface.
A hand made Nasa rover toy.

Package Design

Collateral materials were further designed that aligned with InventorCloud's new take on their UI/UX designs. From dimensions to new logo integration, the packaging design was utilized for marketing efforts. 

Package Design Custom Dieline.
Shipping container mockup with InventorCloud client logo.

Global Learning Experiences

The design of shipping containers was a subtle nod to the idea of globalization. When education is accessible everywhere through experiences and interfaces in and outside the classroom, learning can be limitless and everywhere.