When a mobile app concept team wanted to give consumers a smarter tool for restaurant location and reviews, they partnered with ArtVersion to create Last Thyme, an easy-to-use interface with a modern look, loaded with intuitive features. Featuring location services, rating system and information recall – it’s a first of its kind platform for diners to get exactly what they want, every “thyme”.

Scope of work included

Intelligent Mobile App UI/UX

ArtVersion worked with the sleek identity of Last Thyme’s logo to establish a refined and distinctive color, visual and contextual on-brand design scheme. Users can begin by locating new restaurants based on location or cuisine preferences, taking the experience a step further by registering visits and flagging dishes ordered, with prompts to add images or reviews via microinteractions. By allowing users to personalize their experience with this data, Last Thyme serves the user with the right suggestions on dishes or restaurants to select, prompting them to engage further with the app and discovering new favorites.

app design logo
app wireframes
app design2
app design1
desktop view
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User-Centered Intuitive Design

With branded content and custom icons, each screen features opportunities for interaction on a highly intuitive level. Targeted for the frequent restaurant-goer, Last Thyme is designed to be a seamless addition to the dining experience. The journey delivers a stealth experience that blends with the surrounding environment, with relevant information found in as few clicks as possible.

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